Client Success Stories

Below is a collection of customer success stories from our clients. They cover a range of issues experienced and detail the end results our clients achieved.

Increase Productivity CTA

Increasing productivity to match customer demand through technology

The client have experienced dramatic business growth in the last year. Their existing I.T support provider was struggling to keep up with their growth.The business directors were having to work long hours to keep up with the new customer demand and I.T issues were affecting their productivity.

Security Issues CTA

Fixing security issues and replacing existing IT support provider

The client was struggling with their current external I.T support provider. Hours were wasted chasing their provider rather than focusing on their business. Security of their I.T systems was almost non-existent, and they were being sold solutions that the client did not understand, or the business simply didn’t need.

Security Risks CTA

Saving the customer close to £40K and removing security risks

The client was faced with end of life operating systems on its servers, which needed to be maintained pending a planned upgrade of their core systems the following year. The company was either looking at an expensive bill, or continuing with out of date operating systems, which would be a security risk. As a result, they were facing the concern of having operating systems on their servers that had reached end of life and would become a security risk.

Company Growth CTA

Facilitating company growth for a startup through technology

The client was a startup company planning to launch in 2018. As a result, they had no technology or I.T infrastructure in place. They needed I.T support, Cloud services, hardware and security for the whole business from scratch. As a startup, the client was keen for an I.T infrastructure that would have them working from day 1, but would also have the flexibility to adapt as the company grew.

replacing a slow and ageing system

Replacing a slow and ageing system with a new IT solution to match the high demand of a renowned charity

The client needed to replace their ageing IT systems because it's performance was effecting the business. The client wanted to invest in a solution that was affordable, scalable, and fully integrated. InfoTech delivered a new system that improved performance within the business and offered flexibility for future changes in the business.    

Replacing internal IT support

Replacing internal IT support that was no longer able to cope with the demands with the continued growth of the business 

The client's 24/7 IT system had become unmanageable for the business and all data needed moving to the new system with minimal downtime to the business. InfoTech designed and installed a new IT system robust enough to meet the demands with the business and able to accommodate future growth with no loss of performance. 

replacing ageing it system

An ageing IT system was causing regular downtime and raising security concerns for the client

The client had become frustrated by their ageing IT systems. The client came to InfoTech who performed an IT audit that identified several key elements that could be improved to help the business be more efficient. The new system eliminated downtime and included solutions that improved the productivity of the business.   

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