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“Every conversation and interaction that we have had with the team at InfoTech, from the initial consultation to the on-boarding process, has been like a breath of fresh air.” Lauri Tonolini, Finance Manager at SDA Packaging.


SDA Packaging is a packaging solutions provider with representation across the globe.

For 14 years they have helped growers and packers to provide the finest and freshest products to their customers while minimizing unnecessary losses along their supply chains.


SDA Packaging was struggling with their current external I.T support provider. Hours were wasted chasing their provider rather than focusing on their business.

Security of their I.T systems was almost non-existent, and they were being sold solutions that SDA Packaging did not understand, or the business simply didn’t need.

As a result, they couldn’t trust that their network and more importantly their data was secure or that their I.T provider was providing them with solutions that were in their best interest.

They needed a new I.T provider but were concerned about how easy it would be to switch providers and how much difference a new supplier could really make.


“The team that we have dealt with have been professional, informative, patient and kind; nothing is ever too much trouble, if anything you are encouraged to contact InfoTech with anything and everything, they are in a position to help you with” Lauri Tonolini, Finance Manager at SDA Packaging.

Switching provider was handled fully by InfoTech to minimise the day to day effect on the client’s business. When the existing provider was being difficult, InfoTech had the discussions, so SDA Packaging didn’t spend time or resources in the switching process.

InfoTech took over the I.T support with a solution that offered fixed cost pricing that fit SDA Packaging's budget. It comes with proactive monitoring so InfoTech can now spot and fix issues before they impact SDA Packaging's business.

InfoTech identified and fixed the issues SDA Packaging were having with their I.T including a lack of patching updates that was creating security issues.

InfoTech also installed Anti-Virus for further security, something that SDA Packaging had never had done for them.

SDA Packaging were encouraged to speak to InfoTech about issues they were having which they previously ignored for fear of their previous I.T provider overcharging or misdiagnosing them.


“InfoTech have shown a level of care and attention to detail that we have never encountered before, and we feel incredibly positive about the relationship we will have with them going forward as our new IT Partners” Lauri Tonolini, Finance Manager at SDA Packaging.

SDA Packaging are no longer having to spend time on their I.T as they have confidence that it is being managed with their business needs in mind. They are benefiting from working with an I.T partner who understands their business and supports their internal IT to industry best practices.

I.T and technology decisions are now being made based on the needs of the business. They are no longer wasting hours of their time chasing their I.T support provider and are not receiving any more billing surprises.

SDA Packaging are now aware that their network and data is secured and have confidence that InfoTech is monitoring and maintaining that security.

If you feel that your business could benefit from this type of partnership, please contact InfoTech on 01634 525252.