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Herbert & Ward is one of the oldest coffee roasters in the UK. Importing coffee from all over the world they supply coffee and fine teas to distributors, cafes, restaurants and entrepreneurial businesses nationwide.

They believe in providing only the finest loose teas and coffee from around the world. They are the leading coffee roasters in Kent.


Herbert & Ward have experienced dramatic business growth in the last year. Their existing I.T support provider was struggling to keep up with their growth.

The business directors were having to work long hours to keep up with the new customer demand and I.T issues were affecting their productivity. On top of that their time was being wasted trying to understand I.T advice that was too technical. They were also left trying to fix I.T projects that had gone wrong and had come in over budget.

They needed I.T that just works, with advice on security, I.T and telecoms that fits their business and is delivered in a human language. Herbert & Ward also needed an updated I.T infrastructure to aid productivity so they could keep up with increasing demand.


As Herbert & Ward were struggling with technical issues that were slowing down productivity InfoTech upgraded the operating systems on all devices and implemented a new email solution.

The directors were working late into the evening at the office so InfoTech designed and installed internal systems and a data structure to enable secure remote access, meaning the directors could work from home in a secure manner.

InfoTech presented all their solutions, project ideas and quotes in a style that made sense to the directors. The fixed service and pricing model of InfoTech’s I.T support meant no surprising bills, so Herbert & Ward could effectively budget for their I.T.


InfoTech’s I.T support and solutions have helped Herbert & Ward to keep up with their increased customer demand. The changes will lead to an operation increase in revenue. The directors are now working fewer hours and feeling less pressured about their I.T.

They now have an I.T infrastructure that meets their business needs and an I.T partner that understands the unique demands their business faces.

“Having worked with the same IT company for many, many years we were really concerned to go to another provider where we did not have a relationship or one who did not understand our business needs. In all fairness we were also unaware of what we didn't know about changes in I.T. during our time with the other company. Jumping in we took the decision to go with InfoTech and we haven't regretted for a single minute. Our IT works. InfoTech respond brilliantly to questions we ask as we new to the technology we are given. We can ring as often as we please and the support team have been helpful, kind and talk to us in a language we understand. We made a great decision we do not regret. Thank you InfoTech."

Carol Mullins, Owner of Herbert & Ward

If you feel that your business could benefit from this type of partnership, please contact InfoTech on 01634 525252.