coventgate law




Coventgate Law is a start-up law firm established in 2018 and they help their clients with their legal needs.

They believe in taking a long-term view and taking time to understand the distinct demands that each of their clients faces. Their goal is building truly collaborative relationships with their clients.


Coventgate Law was a startup company planning to launch in 2018. As a result, they had no technology or I.T infrastructure in place. They needed I.T support, Cloud services, hardware and security for the whole business from scratch.

As a startup, Coventgate Law were keen for an I.T infrastructure that would have them working from day 1, but would also have the flexibility to adapt as the company grew.

I.T was a key priority for Covengate Law and they wanted a trusted partner who would work with them to strategically plan their technology geared towards business growth.


InfoTech designed, sourced and installed the entire infrastructure so Coventgate Law could start working as soon as the regulator gave permission for them to operate as a law firm.

InfoTech ensured that the technology had the recommend security best practices in place, so the new technology was not a risk to Coventgate Law.

InfoTech set up website hosting with the necessary security so Covengate Law could have a website live to attract new clients to the business.

Everything was in place for the existing staff and set up in a manner to easily accommodate new employees as the business started to grow.


InfoTech’s I.T support has helped Conventgate Law to establish themselves as a progressive law firm in Rochester.

Their goal of growing the initial start-up is on target. As a result, within a year they had already outgrown their original premises. InfoTech prepared Coventgate Law’s new office so they could move the company into the new premises with minimal disruption.

Future growth plans have been discussed with InfoTech and set in place with plans to obtain more office space when it becomes necessary.

“Covent Gate Law would not be where we are today without InfoTech alongside us. It was important to me that we had an I.T partner that we could trust and could help us with planning as the business grew. InfoTech has been helpful from the start and we have full confidence that they have our best interests in mind. I don't know if we could have found another I.T support provider that would be able to have the level of conversations we can have with InfoTech. It’s clear that InfoTech take great pride in their work and we have also received the best level of support.”

Rajinder Heer, Founder and Managing Director at Coventgate Law

If you feel that your business could benefit from this type of partnership, please contact InfoTech on 01634 525252.