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Managed Telephony Solutions




Make the right call with Managed Telephony

For a business to run it needs to communicate with its clients and customers. Reliability, call quality and clear connection all make a positive impact and help your customer service. Make sure your customer calls are sending the right message. 

Our Managed Telephony solution makes sure you have the right solution so communication is never an issue whilst reducing the cost of your business telephones.


Reduce Your Costs

By using a VOIP Provider for long distance and international calls the monthly savings are significant. If you have branch offices, you can easily connect phone systems between branches and make free phone calls.

Unified Communications features are included, to support presence, video and audio conferences and free calls via the data network. These options are often very expensive in other 3rd party systems.

Better Customer Service

Your business can deliver better customer service and better productivity. Our telephony system is computer-based letting you integrate contact databases and Skype for Business for a seamless customer experience.

Our Telephony can improve customer service and cut costs by reducing time spent on each caller. Outbound calls can be placed directly from Outlook, removing the need for the user to type in the phone number.

More Flexibility

Make calls from your office phone, smartphone, laptop, tablet or any other Internet connected device. Users can roam too if an employee has to work from home, they are able to answer calls to their extension, just as they would in the office.

Phones can be installed directly on the PC. You can now eliminate the phone wiring and make adding or moving of extensions much easier. You can even eliminate the need for wiring extra ports for new employees.

What we can offer
telephony installation and maintenance

Installation and Maintenance  

We’ll look after all the maintenance, diagnostics, reporting and monitoring for your business telephone systems. We’ll install upgrades and immediate implementation of new features. Our trained and experienced teams will carry out remote management, diagnostics and maintenance.


Telephone systems and IT are more connected than ever. As an IT specialist, we can fully integrate out telephony solution into your business setup.  Our telephony solution can be integrated with business applications such as Skype for business and Outlook, making speaking to your customer as easy as ever.

telephony integration
3CX Partner

Industry Leading Partners

We have partnered with industry-leading IP Telephone supplier 3CX so we can provide you with a robust and innovative telephony solution.

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