The Technology We Use


As an IT Support company, we are committed to investing in state of the art and industry leading technology to ensure we deliver a high quality support service to the businesses we work with.

We have invested heavily in the technology we use to operate our support service. This investment is passed back to your business in the form of high level IT Support. Every piece of technology or product we invest in, is to make sure our clients benefit. 

How Our Technology Benefits You

Proactive Monitoring

Thanks to our monitoring software we can spot and fix issues before they start affecting your business. It also allows us to update and patch your software to maintain its reliability. We can also keep your security and threat management software up to date. This proactive approach greatly reduces the number of technology issues that will affect the running of your business.

Client Satisfaction (CSAT)

Your satisfaction is of upmost importance to us. We have made it as easy as possible for you to give us feedback on our service. The CSAT tool allows you to feedback on every ticket we close for you and it allows us to track our client satisfaction. 

industry leading reporting software

Industry Leading Ticketing

When you do need to report an issue to us we use an industry leading ticketing software so we can manage your ticket in the most effective way possible. We can monitor response time and fix time so we are working in line with our SLA's. This tracking also helps us to give you real time updates as we work on your issue.


Real time reporting from an industry leading reporting software lets us manage and prioritise our support service. Advanced reporting is available to all our engineers and it can help us spot trends in your IT Support so we can suggest improvements for your technology, increasing your productivity. We track everything from our ticket management to business vital KPI's all so we can maintain an unrivalled level of support.

reporting software


We believe greatly in documenting all our processes so we can achieve high level IT Support every single time you raise an issue with us. Documentation allows us to perform each fix in the same manner every single time. It also allows us to build a knowledge base for all issue fixes so we can speed up our fix times.

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The Technology We Use

Continued Investment

We invest heavily in our technology so we can continue to offer a high level of support.


Our industry leading ticketing platform allows us to monitor your issues and help us achieve great support.

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor your systems so we can identify and fix issues before they can affect your business.


Real time reporting allows us to monitor the level of service you receive. 

Client Satisfaction

We take client satisfaction very seriously and our software makes it easy for you to give us feedback.


We document all of our processes so we can offer the same high level of support time and time again.

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Customer Satisfaction

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