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Specialised IT Support designed for the Financial Services industry

Your financial services business needs an IT support provider who fully understands the unique demands of the financial services industry. You need an experienced support company used to the unique challenges faced by the financial industry.

We understand that at InfoTech and tailor our IT support to offer the financial it services your business needs the most. Our years of experience working with financial services firms means we can offer you the IT experience your business requires. 


Compliance peace of mind

The finance industry is heavily regulated and achieving compliance is critical to your financial services business.

We only recommend technology solutions that will help you comply with regulations.

Stay ahead of the competition

If you can't access your business systems then you cannot serve your clients and customers. 

Our proactive monitoring helps us spot issues before they can become problems that will cause your business downtime.

Technology grows your business

To truly unlock the potential of technology you need more than an IT support provider. 

We work with our customers so that our technology solutions can solve the challenges your business faces.  

How we can help financial services firms
data security for financial services

Data Security

We understand that one of your biggest concerns will the be the security of your business data and also the sensitive personal data of your clients. InfoTech Solutions are Cyber Essentials certified and will recommend security solutions for every customer to help safeguard their data. 


The GDPR regulation focuses on the use and security of personal data by businesses. We understand the large amount of personal data a financial services company will need to keep and we will work with you to make sure your IT security meets the standards set by the GDPR. 

GDPR Compliance Checklist

gdpr for financial services
financial services compliance


We understand the urgent need for financial services firms to meet compliance for all regulations. That is why we only recommend technology that will keep you compliant. We have 20 years of experience working in the financial industry know the importance of staying compliant.


Data Backup and Recovery

We continuously back up your data both on site, and to our cloud server. Your business can continue working from these backups whilst we restore your data back onto your main server. We regularly check that all backups are working so in an emergency you can rest assured your data can still be accessed.


data backup and recovery
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