Our Audit Process


We find a lot of our clients are impressed with the level of detail we go into when auditing their current IT structure.

We audit and document all your IT systems to determine how they fare against industry best standards. When we perform the audit, we use a traffic light report to identify areas of strength or weakness. If we find an issue that can be fixed straight away we will, free of charge. Any bigger issues get included into the report.

Our clients feedback on how useful this report is in giving them an overview of their technology infrastructure and is a great use for them internally.

The traffic light report is very in depth and it covers these key areas.


Security is a big concern for all businesses so our security audit is designed to make sure your technology and your data is secure. The report covers security across all your technology and we include all concerns we find as well as recommendations on how to bring it up to industry best levels.

security report

Backup and Disaster Recovery

The backup of business data and the recovery of that data, in the event of any incident, have become massive global issues in recent years. We go into a high level of detail in this section because we know the impact it can have on your business is very serious. We audit how often you backup data, the level of backup you need for your business, if you use any 3rd party providers and how the data is restored.


First we create a diagram of your network so we can see how your structure is connected. Then we check to see if all devices are under warranty, do they have an end life (are they still supported by the supplier) and are they correctly configured. 

network diagram

The traffic light report also covers these areas:

  • Hardware Inventory
  • Server
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Email
  • Workstations
  • Environmental
  • Software Licensing

One of our senior engineers will perform the audit in a manner to limit distribution to your day to day business activities.

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Our Audit Process


We make sure your business technology and the data you store is all secured.

Backup & Recovery

Ensuring your backup and recovery strategy allows your business to function after any incident.


Understanding your network structure and making sure it can all be supported by suppliers.

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