How Much Does IT Support Cost?

how much does it support cost

For a small or medium sized business owner, it’s almost impossible to know how much IT Support should cost. That is because most companies don’t address it on their website so you, the business owner, can’t research it.

Why do so many IT support providers not address pricing? Because their pricing model is fundamentally flawed. If you get a quote for £20 - £30 per user you may think that is a great price. Well, it is a great price, but it also means at that price the IT support provider will not be able to support your business properly. They, of course, will say they can but when you break down the numbers, you will see they can’t.

And that is why it is so hard to actually know how much IT support should cost. Very few IT support providers will explain to you their pricing model because when you look into it, you can see how little service they can actually afford to provide.

Let's say you have 20 IT users in your business and your IT provider charges £20 per user per month. That means you will be spending £400 per month on IT support. Good, well trained technical people are an expensive resource, and the provider will need to invest heavily in their own technology to be able to support you well. So, any provider charging less than £75 an hour would be making a loss on their service.

This means the maximum amount of time a provider can spend on your IT for your £400 monthly investment is 5 1/2 hours (£400/£75 = 5.3333). From your perspective, you are expecting the provider to perform a whole host of activities and to take responsibility for safeguarding your data and keeping it available. If these activities are carried out properly and thoroughly, 5.5 hours per month is just not enough time to support a 20 user business correctly. Even with a significant investment in automation tools.

So this means two things will happen, you will either get a low-quality level of service, or you will find there will be lots of extras and bolt on’s you will have to pay more for. In that instance, you often end up paying more for IT support than you would have if you took the ‘more expensive looking’ quote.

That is why at InfoTech we operate with a transparent pricing model. On the surface, we may seem more expensive than other providers, but that is the price you will pay every month, there will be no hidden additions when you need our help, and it means we can allocate sufficient man hours to maintain your IT systems as you work.

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