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Business Continuity means it's business as usual whatever the problem

What would your business do if you couldn’t access your normal work places? Unexpected events like floods and fire will stop your employees unable to do their jobs. Cyber attacks can also result in your IT systems being down for days. How can your business continue to work?

This is where business continuity can help your business by giving you a virtual office so your employees can continue to work no matter what happens.


Maintain your ability to generate revenue

When your business experiences downtime for any reason you cannot conduct business as usual and when your businesses can’t conduct business as usual, you will lose money.

A business continuity solution ensures your business can quickly get back on your feet after a disaster, so you can keep on working and avoid losing money due to extended downtime.

avoid losing customers

Avoid losing business to your competition

If you can’t access your business systems and you can’t serve your customers or clients, that downtime could jeopardise their business by convincing them to defect to your businesses competitors.

A business continuity solution will help your business avoid losing customers or clients to your competition by ensuring you are always able to serve your customers or clients.


Compliance with your industry regulations

Businesses are subject to important industry regulations and other legal requirements. These laws require businesses to closely safeguard and retain sensitive digital information for immediate access at all times.

A business continuity solution ensures your business does not have to worry about compliance violations and legal issues related to data loss and downtime.

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What makes InfoTech different?

You deserve an IT support company that understands your business. Each client is treated individually and only recommended products and solutions that will work for their business. The right IT support provider takes away the hassle of IT and they also work with you so that technology can help grow your business by increasing efficiency and productivity.


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What we can offer

Our business continuity solution is designed to keep your business working no matter the problem. We will help you plan and build a business continuity plan that works for your business. Then when you need to use it we will be there to make sure it's business as usual.

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Business Continuity Planning

We’ll work with you to put together a business continuity plan so your business can recover quickly from any event that stops your business from working. We work with your business to enhance your emergency procedures to make sure they are always the best option for you and that they are fully tested.

Virtual office

Using our Cloud software you will still be able to access your servers, even if you can’t access your office or normal place of work. The virtual office gives you the ability to manage software (SaaS), platforms and infrastructure through the cloud.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

We continuously back up your data both on site, and to our cloud server. Your business can continue working from these backups whilst we restore your data back onto your main server. We regularly check that all backups are working so in an emergency you can rest assured your data can still be accessed.

Industry leading partners

We have partnered with a number of industry-leading Business Continuity vendors such as Datto.



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The ultimate disaster recovery checklist

This checklist will help your business prepare for potential disaster than can stop your business from working.

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The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist