Why Your Business Needs Remote Monitoring and Management

by Robert Best on March 10, 2021
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Why Your Business Needs Remote Monitoring and Management

Modern business relies heavily on technology. It has done for a while now and the struggles of 2020 only increased our dependence on technology.

With technology playing such a vital role in your business how are you monitoring its performance? Monitoring your technology has been made even harder by so many of us having to work remotely.

Your business needs remote monitoring and management.

What is remote monitoring and management?

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a type of IT software that allows managed service providers, such as ourselves, to monitor devices.

This is different from employee monitoring software, which helps tracks what an employee is actually doing on their device.

Instead, RMM is used to monitor your businesses devices, endpoints and networks. RMM tools are important to ensure your technology is working as it should be as well as ensuring the security of your data.

How does remote monitoring and management work?

A remote monitoring and management system includes tools that help managed service providers (MSPs) to identify, report and fix any problems that occur within a business network.

RMM software is installed on any device within your business network. This can include laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

The software identifies problems when they occur allowing the MSP to manually fix the issue. 

It can also help businesses maintain their networks by updating their operating systems, adding antivirus definitions, and keeping hard disks clean and efficient.

RMMs are used to monitor a whole business network. This helps MSPs maintain all the devices on that network. Specific features will depend on which MSP you are working with and what type of software they are using.

What are the benefits of having remote monitoring and management?

RMMs are a vital tool MSPs use to keep your business running smoothly. They will greatly reduce the downtime your business will face as well as reducing the cost of fixing technology issues (because the RMM will spot issues before they can become serious problems).

Here are some of the benefits that come from using RMM software in your business.

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Instead of waiting for technical issues to become bigger problems that stop your business from working, you can identify them and fix them before they affect your business.

The best way to solve a technical issue is to stop it from ever happening. RMM software monitors all the devices on your business network and the applications you use. 

If the RMM finds any warnings or issues the software will alert the MSP who can then investigate and fix the issues before it becomes a big problem that stops your business from working. 

IT automation and scripting

Maintaining and updating your devices and software is time-consuming. It's easy to push it back and continue to work on something 'more important.' RMMs monitor all your company-owned devices and can automate these tasks. 

This makes sure that important security updates are installed. It will also free up more of your employee's time now they don't have to worry about updating their devices and software.

Reporting and analytics

RMMs can also collect all the data from processes you use and turn it into a report. This will help you make more informed decisions about your technology. 

What features are included in RMM software?

RMM software can include many features. Here are the four most beneficial features to look for when you research these tools:

Patch management

Patches are the updates your devices and software receive. Often these updates are important security updates that are used to fix security vulnerabilities. 

RMMs can automatically schedule and install any patches from operating system updates and third-party software. They can also report on the quality of the patch and how the devices and software are responding to it.

Remote access

The best MSP's can maintain your networks remotely. Most fixes can be done remotely which is a big win for businesses that are still working away from their office. 

RMM's allow MSP's to access a user's device remotely in order to troubleshoot and fix issues. They can see any CPU, process, memory and other errors on the device through the RMM, making it easier to pinpoint the problem and reducing overall labour.


RMM's can alert your MSP os any issues within your systems. This allows your MSP to maintain and quickly fix any issues. The alerts can be set up to go out as often and to as many devices as you need.


The reporting tools within an RMM allow you to get a better understanding of your technology. They can help you spot trends that will need your attention and help you make decisions with more confidence.


There is no smoke without fire doesn't really apply to technology. everything could appear fine on the surface but a raging fire is running underneath. 

Remote monitoring and management allow Infotech to have a clear and update understanding of all of our client's technology. As soon as something starts to create an issue we can identify and fix it. No more raging fires.

For more information on how Infotech's use of remote monitoring and management can help your business contact us here, email hello@infotech.co.uk or call us on 01634 52 52 52.

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