Why We Decided to Rebrand Our Company

by Robert Best on June 27, 2019
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For a while now, we have been thinking a lot about what makes a good IT support provider. Not from our view but from our client's perspective. What is important to them in an IT support provider.

As we started to create a picture of what that provider looks like we realised, although that is how we act like that provider, it might not be the impression our branding gives to the outside world.

In a world where first impressions are lasting the look and feel of our branding wasn't sending the right message to the businesses we know we can help.

A business needs to have trust and confidence in their IT provider, the stakes are just too high. They need to know they will do a professional job. They can also benefit from a business that can have business conversations with them, not just technical ones.

Our clients know that is who we are, but our branding simply didn't tell the world that was us.

It wasn't an easy decision to change. The brand had been with us for years, and even in the last few weeks of using it, we would still get compliments.

We were working on another project with BISON, a Design Print and Signage company, who specialise in helping business owners and leaders break through the noise and reposition themselves in crowded market spaces, so we asked them to create our new branding. We handed over a full brief of what we wanted to communicate to the world and started on the journey to the new brand.

infotech blue branding

We really need to thank BISON for holding our hands through the whole process as we tried to fit into one design and brand everything we wanted to say.

Soon 4 possibilities went down to 2 and then 1 as we decided on the selected branding.

Why we choose the new branding

The InfoTech brand uses a hexagon to show there is more than one side to us. Yes, we are technology people, but we are also business people. You don't have to be a tech expert to run a business. So we need to communicate with business owners about their business needs, not confuse them with tech speak.

The empty space in the hexagon represents transparency and trust, and the shape itself symbolises detail and focus. Exactly the traits a business deserves from an IT provider and what we as a company deliver.

The strong font alongside the icon promotes confidence and security. Again, what a business deserves from their IT support provider.

We choose our two shades of blue because between them they signified trust, responsibility, wisdom and honesty. Core values of our business because that's what a business needs from their IT provider.


We set out with the aim of showing businesses in Kent and London who InfoTech are, what we stand for as a company, and what they can expect as clients. These are not new values to us, we have been living them for years and delivering them to our clients. This brand relaunch is a first step in showing others this is who we are.

Transparency, confidence, understanding business, focus and trust are what a business deserves from an IT provider, and it is what InfoTech Solutions deliver.

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