What is Office 365 and How Can it Help Your Business?

by Robert Best on January 29, 2020
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The Microsoft Office suite of tools has long been a staple for many businesses. Tools such as Word and Excel are ingrained in countless companies. Over the last couple of years, Microsoft has been working on making the Office suite even more useful to businesses.

In this article, we have broken out the best benefits Office 365 has to offer your business.


Office 365 is a cloud-based service so you and your team can access it anywhere at any time. Microsoft has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. That is a big advantage over working with software installed on your computer. Server issues and system updates are both examples of when you'll be left unable to work. That isn't the case with Office 365.

Remote working

As mentioned in the previous point, Office 365 can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. That makes Office 365 perfect for remote working. You will be able to access all your documents on the way to a meeting, working from home or even on holiday. For many businesses, remote working is the biggest benefit of using Office 365.


Security should be a prime concern when evaluating any new pieces of technology. Cybersecurity is a reason many businesses give for not moving to the Cloud. However, that isn't a worry with Office 365. The product is backed by world-class cybersecurity protocols and is assured directly by Microsoft.

Cybersecurity should be an important aspect in any technology decisions, especially if you are a small to medium-sized business. Microsoft approved security will put your mind at ease when using Office 365 but you should still follow cybersecurity best practices when using it.

Always Up-to-Date

When Office first launched you had to purchase brand new licences for every new version of Office that Microsoft rolled out. Not only was that expensive it was also immensely frustrating. You were left with a choice; the cost of new licences or miss out on the new features.

That is no longer a dilemma with Office 365 because it is always up-to-date. If you install the updates as they come out, then everyone in your company will be using the latest version of Office 365 and you don't have to pay for each update. The same can also be done with your operating system using Microsoft 365.


office 365 benefits to your business

This is another popular benefit. Office 365 comes with some great collaboration options. SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are both excellent options that allow multiple staff members to work on the same documents at the same time.

As well as working on documents at the same time Office 365 comes with conferencing options so you can hold online meetings or video conferencing. This is a massive benefit for any business that works from multiple locations or has remote workers.


The pricing and subscription options for Office 365 are very flexible. There are different subscription plans to choose from and you can choose the pricing plan that suits your business. You also have the choice of an annual commitment or work month to month.

There are also add-on options you can include with your subscription. That gives you even more flexibility to get the best value for your subscription.


Office 365 gives you real-time communication options for contacts both inside and outside of your business. In the Microsoft Teams tool, you can invite third-party collaborators to chat about projects.

You can also integrate third-party applications like Zendesk or Asana which will allow you to add customer service and ticketing systems to your business.

Low, Predictable Costs

The reasonable monthly pricing is a big benefit to most companies. That offers it's own level of flexibility because your business is never tied into one system for a long period.

Moving your system to Office 365 can be done by an IT support company at a low fixed cost. There is no specialised equipment or hardware that needs to be added it just requires Office 365 to be installed at your premises.


As you can see there are plenty of benefits for using Microsoft Office 365. Whether its the flexibility in the pricing or the increased accessibility there are some powerful advantages to be had.

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