5 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between the Office and Home

Hybrid work has arrived, and with this more flexible way of working comes a few complexities. How do you make it easy for employees to take their workstation home after a couple of days working in the office, and to set it up when they come in again next week? Can they seamlessly continue with what they were working on the day before? It’s also important to consider how remote work has affected the online security of your business. In this article, we list some of the tools and technologies that can help you adapt to this new era.

Everything You Need to Know About the Cost of IT Support For a Small Business

As buyers, we like to know the cost of something before we start to buy it.

Usually, that information is readily available, and we know what that cost means. By understanding that cost, we can make an informed decision.

But for a buyer, it's hard to know what a reasonable cost of IT support should be because there isn't the information available to help you make an informed decision.

5 Facts a Small Business Should Know About Outsourced IT Support

Technology has become vital to a small business. 44% of businesses consider online services as a core part of their business offer and 85% of businesses now have a blog or a website. So, technology is important to a small business but there are dangers that can target technology. 

5 Hidden Technology Risks Putting Your Business in Danger

Technology is great for business. It now plays a major role in most businesses because of it’s ability to save money and increase productivity.

6 Reasons a Small Business Should Outsource IT Support

Technology has become a big part of any business. So much of our working days are dominated by the use of tech. Businesses of all sizes are becoming reliant on computers and other systems for their day to day running.

Your Cheat Sheet For Server Care

Servers are responsible for the distribution and storage of your business’s data infrastructure, as well as the deployment of important applications and data. However, if your business is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of these server units, you’ll be tasked with having the knowledge of how to keep them in optimal shape. I’ll discuss some of the ways you can better take care of your server units, as well as the optimal solution: server hosting.

Does Your Network Management Seem Unmanageable?

There’s no denying that there is a lot to do in a business environment, and some things take longer than others...or at least they should. Is your business investing enough time into its network management, and all the tasks, processes, and responsibilities that it involves?

Remote Management and Monitoring is Ideal for SMBs

When you experience troubles with your technology, you don’t have time to just sit around and wait for the problem to resolve itself. You need someone by your side to assist with the problem. Yet, many small businesses don’t have the luxury of an in-house IT department that can help its employees resolve problems quickly and efficiently. How can you avoid this common issue and keep downtime to a minimum in the process?

Busy Business Owners Shouldn’t Have to Worry About Technology

A business without its own IT department will expend vast amounts of time and resources to manage its technology. Tasks like managing your email solution, upgrading or managing your desktop infrastructure, or securing your network from threats, can be draining. If you don’t have time to perform these tasks, then it’s worth it to invest in an outsourced IT provider for your technology needs.

This Device Can Stop You Having A BA Like Power Disaster

Last month British Airways suffered an IT shutdown that affected 75,000 passengers. The official reason was an "uncontrolled return of power" following an outage. This lead to a damaged servers at British Airways' data centre.

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