5 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between the Office and Home

Hybrid work has arrived, and with this more flexible way of working comes a few complexities. How do you make it easy for employees to take their workstation home after a couple of days working in the office, and to set it up when they come in again next week? Can they seamlessly continue with what they were working on the day before? It’s also important to consider how remote work has affected the online security of your business. In this article, we list some of the tools and technologies that can help you adapt to this new era.

The Most Exciting Tech and Gadgets Coming in 2019

Every year in the splendour of the Vegas neon lights the latest and greatest tech gets its first airing. CES 2019 is the showcase for the best gadgets and technology you can get your hands on this year.

InfoTech Solutions are now Cyber Essentials Certified

IT security has never been as big an issue as it is today. In recent years cyber attacks on UK businesses have continued to rise. Last year ransomware attempts grew by 91% according to the Corero Network Security survey.

How to Clear Browser Cache in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Is your web browser running as well as it should be?

4 Steps to Getting Started With Digital Transformation

Smart business owners always look for ways to improve the way their business functions. Digital transformation is one of these ways, as it allows for organisations to use technology to minimize waste and enhance workflow. To help you with digital transformation, we’ll walk you through what it is and how it works.

2-in-1 Mobile Devices Give Your Business the Best of Both Worlds

As computing and business have become more intertwined, it has become more important for software solutions and other business-essential tools to be ready at a moment’s notice. This tendency has contributed to the rise of mobile solutions, although there is still a need for the power a desktop provides. That’s why we are big fans of convertible ultrabooks, or 2-in-1 devices.

The Windows Start Menu is the Powerful Search Tool

Sometimes it can be a chore to find certain programs or files on your computer when they aren’t immediately available on the desktop. You might have to dig through countless folders just to get started on an important task. Thankfully, there’s a well-known way of getting around this frustration: Windows’ integrated search application. To get started with this tip, turn your attention to the Start menu.

Windows 10 Makes Updating Your Hardware Drivers Easy

It doesn’t matter what your role is within your organisation--you’ll still be using the same hardware solutions to accomplish your daily tasks. Keyboards, wireless mouse's, external microphones, and just about any normal USB device, all use drivers that allow for device compatibility. Unfortunately, if these drivers aren’t installed and kept up-to-date, your technology’s performance can suffer, as well as your productivity.

4 Ways Google Maps Can Improve Your Next Trip

Mapping the known world has long been an endeavour sought by explorers, but thanks to a relatively recent tool called Google Maps, anyone with knowledge of a smartphone can see the world at a glance. If you follow these tips, you’ll feel like you have the whole world in the palm of your hand… literally.

Domino’s Invests in a Global Fleet of Pizza Delivery Robots

On March 29th, Starship Technologies, a self-driving robotics company, announced a partnership with Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, a franchisor for the Domino’s Pizza brand in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Japan, and Germany (totalling over 2,000 stores). This new affiliation allows Starship Technologies to build a fleet of autonomous delivery robots, helping Domino’s with its eventual delivery person shortage, based on the company’s growth estimates for the next 5-to-10 years.

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