4 Reasons Why Disaster Recovery is Important for Financial Firms

Data is vital to all financial firms. You don't need me to tell you that data needs to be accessible, recoverable and secure. The average financial firm has a large amount of data and it is all high value. So, looking after that data needs to be a primary business objective.

Beyond Data Backup: Why You Need Disaster Recovery

The search for the perfect way to handle a data loss disaster has led many businesses to implement data backup and disaster recovery solutions, but the most challenging part of doing so is finding a solution that can minimize data loss and recovery time. Furthermore, there’s a specific need to understand the difference between data backup and disaster recovery, as the two are certainly not the same thing.

OnSite Backup vs. Cloud-Based Online Backup

It’s no secret that data backup is an important part of any IT strategy for small and medium-sized businesses. Backup and disaster recovery makes all the difference in keeping your business afloat in the event of a data loss incident. However, there’s still some debate over what the best approach is. According to a recent survey, it seems that many businesses find that both in-house and cloud-based backup solutions are needed in order to guarantee business continuity.

Why a Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution is Best for Kent Business

Kent Business owners have many important decisions they must make pertaining to the continuation of their organization. Securing their company’s data may come off as yet another item on a to-do list, but, due to the critical role data plays in the day-to-day operations, this task should be a high priority for every modern business. Raising awareness of this critical issue is precisely why March 31st was World Backup Day!

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