10 Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

by Robert Best on February 12, 2021
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Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

We are always striving to find the right work-life balance. For those of us working from home, it is actually harder than it might seem. Working in our living space starts to blur the lines between our personal life and work.

So to help we have put together 10 tips you can follow to improve your work-life balance when working from home.

Have a set area to work from

Having a set space and proper work area is a great way to help you stay focused when working from home. By having a set work area you can also then "switch-off" by moving to another spot in your house.

Try to avoid making this space in your bedroom or another room you like to spend lots of time in. The whole idea is to create a separate work area in your home.

If you don't have that much room then set your work area in the corner of a room. Put in some storage solutions so you can keep your space clear and well organised.

Set working hours

It's easy to lose track of time when remote working and that can often mean working long into the evening. Many remote workers end up working longer hours than their normal 9-to-5. 

Set yourself some firm working hours that you stick to so you avoid burnout. Define a clear daily schedule and stick to it. That will help you maintain a work-life balance when you work from home. 

Mark the end of your working day

When you're working in the office you have a clear buffer between the workday and your personal time, the commute. Travelling home from the office helps you switch out of work mode. 

Obviously, that can't be done when working from home. Instead, create a clear action or plan that designates the end of your working day. That might be going for a walk or calling a friend. That action doesn't matter so much as it clearly defines an end to the working day.

Stop multitasking

When working from home it's so easy to find yourself trying to juggle lots of different tasks all at once. It can be tempting to start tidying your home or catch-up with some chores but you're only distracting yourself.

Focus on one task at a time and you'll complete that task quicker and the result will be much better. A distracted mind will result in low-quality work or every task taking much longer.

Take breaks during the day by completing personal tasks

One of the big benefits of remote working is an increase in productivity. The myriad of distractions in the office have been taken away. Deadtime spent commuting to and from the office is gone giving you more time to get things done.

However, the repetitiveness and the solitude of working from home can sometimes be lonely and mentally exhausting. Taking little breaks throughout your working day will help you take a mental break from your work. Allowing you to return to your next task refreshed.

This will also help stop the temptation of multitasking that we spoke about in the last tip.

Get ready for work

If you fall out of bed and start working still half asleep and in your pyjamas your work will suffer. Much like we want to have a clear end to the day, you should have a clear start to the day.

Take some time to get ready for work. This will help you transition from non-work to work mode. Take time to make a coffee, have a proper breakfast and get dressed for work.

This helps shift your mind from work mode to personal mode, drawing a clear boundary between your work and personal life.

Take a proper lunch break

What we are trying to replicate is a 'normal' working day but at home. So continue to take your scheduled breaks. They are a good opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air as well as distance yourself from your workspace.

This will help you stay fresh and give you a proper break during your working day. Much like sticking to your schedule this lunch break will help stop you from overworking while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Set clear boundaries

If you share a home with other people communicate with them a clear boundary of what is a work zone and what isn't. This will help you avoid unnecessary distractions.

Make your schedule clear to anyone living in your home so you don't get interruptions while you are trying to work.

Avoid checking email after work

We've set a clear work schedule but some temptations can mean we break it. It's easier than ever to check your work emails but that can quickly draw you back into work mode.

Avoid that temptation when you are not working. If you are trying to find a clear work-life balance you need to avoid these little switches between modes.

Don't be afraid to test and tweak

You don't need to set a schedule and never change it. Somethings work better for people than others. You need to find your methods and your own approach to maintaining a work-life balance when working from home. 

Don't be afraid to test new approaches or tweak some of these tips. Find what works best for you and what makes you happy. 


The key to a good work-life balance is finding a balance that works for you. Remote working comes with lots of benefits but it does increase the battle between work life and personal time. Follow these tips to help you find a way to keep the two separate and balanced.

It's also important to remember the role technology plays in this. We've been helping businesses set up their employees for successful remote working. For more information on how we can help with your remote working contact us here, email hello@infotech.co.uk or call us on 01634 52 52 52.

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