The Tech Changes That Will Increase Productivity and Reduce Cost

by Robert Best on September 19, 2017
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increase productivity and reduce costs

Technology is often considered expensive but the cost of running business or website is being reduced by technology. Innovations such as Cloud computing are also increasing the productivity of a business.

A survey by Tata Communications says the Cloud enabled a 69% increase in productivity and 63% noted a reduction in costs.

So how can your business see an increase in productivity? Or how can technology reduce your business costs? Look at these areas where tech can make a big difference.

Always available

As working habits change with time the remote worker or flexible working patterns have become more popular. Your office can now be anywhere you can find a Wi-Fi signal. Thanks to cloud based products and apps your employees can access information or programs no matter where they are.

This flexible approach to work life will improve morale and that will lead to an increase in productivity.  

Another popular trend is ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD). In a recent survey 42% of BYOD workers say their efficiency and productivity have improved. Employees are more familiar working with their own devices and can troubleshoot devices issues much easier. Your business can benefit from the increased productivity as well as saving money by not having to buy new computers or laptops.


Slack. Trello. Huddle. Yammer. These are all collaboration tools you may have heard of. They have all been made possible by advances in technology. Collaboration lets your team work on projects in a whole new way.

Collaboration tools make communicating and sharing thoughts simple, cutting out time spent in meetings and we all know what a time killer meetings can be! Technology means your staff can work on a project at the same time, compared to the old “tell me when you’re out of that file” approach.


You might be surprised to know but having the right telephony solution for your business can increase your customer service. New solutions can allow you to integrate contact databases or tools like Skype for business.

Staff can roam as well, if an employee has to work from home, they are able to answer calls to their extension.  If you have branch offices, you can easily connect phone systems between branches and make free phone calls between them.

By using a VOIP provider you can make significant savings on your call costs.

Organise your data

How much time have you spent sifting through spreadsheets looking for the information you need? Database systems allow your employees to easily add and access data.

Cloud based tracking systems can keep critical information accurate and in all in one place which can save a lot of time whenever you need to access that data.


Cloud-based software packages are allowing business to automate tasks that previously would have been done by hand.

Simon Monaghan, part of Business Doctors told the Telegraph. “If you’ve been in business for a while, the world may have moved on, but your processes have not, look to automate… There are many PC-based applications that can streamline and simplify. True, there will be an upfront cost, but that is quickly offset via lower salary costs.”

Business to business integration

Whilst this isn’t a new concept, advances in technology have taken this integration to a whole new level. You can take key business process beyond the 4 walls of you company building.

You could take customer orders electronically instead of more traditional methods like mails. This will make processing the order quicker and more accurate. The whole process can be automated reducing your overheads and increasing efficiency.

State of the art technology is no longer the sole property of big business. Advances in the tech industry means smaller businesses can now benefit from increased productivity. The cost is also coming down.

Technology already plays a large role in the day to day running of a business and now it can help any company reduce its costs.

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