Stop These 3 Misconceptions Scaring You Off Managed IT Services

by Courtney Nagi on September 22, 2016
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managed it servicesManaged IT services have become a popular way for small businesses to manage their technology. Yet, there are still organizations that mistakenly think they have reasons to prefer the alternative, break-fix IT. In order to show why managed IT services are superior, we want to address the top three reasons why a business would lean toward the break-fix model.

“I’ll save money by only fixing technology when it’s broken.”
While at first this seems to be like a common-sense response, look closer. Repairing broken technology when it’s not working as intended is a clear approach, but it’s also highly inefficient. Technology systems deal heavily with data, and as such, your business could be down for days while attempting to resolve problems and maintain systems. This results in wasteful downtime that can easily be prevented.

Plus, you also have to realize that technology costs much more to purchase outright than it does to repair it. Consider this scenario: you have to replace a server unit or a workstation, but the best hardware is quite expensive, and it’s hard on your budget to replace key components whenever they show the slightest hint of degradation. It makes the most sense to invest in quality hardware and maintain it properly, so as to avoid the costly expenses of purchasing new equipment. This is what managed IT seeks to accomplish, and where break-fix IT falls short.

“My technology doesn’t need maintenance regularly.”
Many organizations might still be under the impression that their technology isn’t used enough to warrant regular maintenance routines. They might say this because they only really use their productivity suite, or the Internet browser. The problem lies in the fact that even these applications need constant patches and updates to stay secure from a myriad of threats. When it comes to hacking attacks, you can’t take any risks. If you’ve never had to deal with a data breach, it can seem awfully tempting to dismiss the possibility of a hacking attack.

Herein lies the issue that constantly plagues businesses. More businesses than ever use the Internet, and nobody who uses it is guaranteed to be safe. Any information that’s stored on an Internet-connected computer can be stolen if you don’t take steps to protect it, like implementing a firewall and antivirus solution.

Furthermore, it becomes of critical importance that your team understand the best practices of cyber security. Does this sound like a lot? Managed services can remotely apply patches and security updates, as well as monitor for intrusions; this goes beyond what the typical break-fix IT company can provide.

“My employees and I can handle IT all by ourselves.”
One of the biggest problems that small businesses have is their limited staff. This leads them to cut corners whenever possible, particularly in the IT department. They might feel that employees can handle maintenance and management just fine, and that by allowing them to perform maintenance themselves, they’re saving money.

The problem here is that you have inexperienced users working with technology that they may, or may not, be familiar with. Doesn’t it make more sense to have seasoned professionals working with your technology? Managed IT lets you focus on your business, rather than your technology maintenance.

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