11 Key Steps to Take Before Reopening Your Office

We have all been living with the Covid-19 pandemic for a while now. For most of us, it has meant working remotely for months. As the Government begins to loosen the restrictions around the pandemic businesses are thinking about returning to the office.

11 Secure Working From Home Tips for Your Business

For many UK businesses working from home is quickly becoming the new normal. Since advice from the UK Government back in March over 50 per cent of UK workers have been working from home.

This is How Cybercriminals Are Acting During The Covid-19 Outbreak

The Covid-19 crisis brought about a spike in cybercrime activity relating to the pandemic. Cybercriminals continually look to target uncertainty and confusion. As we searched for more information on the pandemic we created a new opportunity for cyber attacks.

8 Steps to a Successful IT Risk Assessment

Most UK businesses are working in an environment they are not used to. Before the COVID crisis, less than 5% of us worked remotely. That number is now just below 50%.

How to Prepare Your Business For The End of Lockdown

The Government is taking the first cautious steps to ease the lockdown and your business needs to be ready for what comes next. It's unlikely that business will revert to normal.

How to Keep Company Culture Alive Remotely

The culture within your business is as important as any buying or selling you may do. It shouldn't ever become an afterthought or neglected, especially as we work through this uniquely troubling time.

7 Ways Your Business Can Avoid a Phishing Attack

Did you know that 90 per cent of modern data breaches now involve a phishing attack? These attacks usually consist of fake emails designed to look like they're coming from a brand or institution that you trust. 

An 8 Step COVID 19 Business Recovery Plan

The initial rush to lockdown and the uncertainty caused by this crisis means many businesses are in survival mode.

However, as the lockdown rules are beginning to ease and a roadmap of how we make the slow return towards something like normality we know that a business must plan to recover but that plan is unlikely to be business as usual.

Happy World Password Day! (and why you should care)

Today is World Password Day. Every year on the first Thursday in May World Password Day promotes better password habits. Despite what is going on in the world this might be the most important Password Day there has been.

Your Tech Checklist for Remote Working

As we are getting used to the new remote working reality you have to take certain measures to ensure a successful transition. Security, communication, and connectivity are just a few of the technical aspects you’ll have to evaluate to develop your transition strategy.

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