How Outsourced IT Support Services Save Your Business Money.

by Courtney Nagi on May 24, 2016
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outsourced it supportThis blog contains information about the different ways you can save money for your business by outsourcing your IT Support.

Many business owners struggle with the decision to use outsource IT support services. Whilst it may seem like a big expense at the time, outsourcing can actually save you money and present opportunities for you to grow your business, generating more profits. Here are just a few ways that outsourcing your IT services can positively.

Reduce salary costs

IT staff can be expensive, with experienced IT managers earning up to £80,000 per annum. On top of this, there are the costs associated with recruiting an IT support team, such as company benefits (e.g. mobile phones) and training costs.

Reduce overheads

A reduction in staff mean that the associated overheads can also be reduced. This includes a variety of things, such as office space, equipment, and utilities.

Increase productivity

Any downtime experienced due to technical issues will decrease your staff’s productivity work levels. Whilst it may seem more cost-effective to require users to resolve their own technical issues, this distracts them from their actual role and can mean that they are constantly distracted by small IT issues. Lacking the specialist knowledge, it will take them longer to resolve any issues, no matter how small they may seem, and will result in them having less time to dedicate to what they do best. Outsourcing your IT support means that issues will be dealt with efficiently and quickly by a dedicated help desk. Using fully qualified IT technicians, the problem will be resolved more quickly, and users can often find ways to work around the issue whilst it is being resolved.

Focus on growing your business

Outsourcing your IT support is likely to free up much of your own time, which enables you to focus on growing the business. A change in focus from operational issues to marketing will ensure that your business is growing as efficiently as possible. The more tasks that you can outsource, the more you will enrich your business by capitalising on other people’s knowledge and experience. This will enable you to generate more income, adding to the cost savings made by outsourcing.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to focus on growing your business because your spare time gets taken up with sorting out IT issues then the answer to your problems is here ’ contact InfoTech Solutions and enquire about outsourcing your IT support service today.


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