Is Your Business WiFi Network Secure?

by Robert Best on September 13, 2019
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There are over 13 billion WiFi devices in use across the globe. That number is not even a surprise because WiFi is everywhere. You can even access it in shops and restaurants and most businesses lean on it heavily.

We have already looked into how to improve your business WiFi performance. Hopefully, your signal is nice and strong but how secure is your business network?

Securing your business WiFi network

Despite continued improvement in the security technology used by WiFi products, companies still need to be aware of the threat from cybercriminals and accidental lapses from staff. With businesses now supplying public access to their WiFi, there is also a greater obligation to protect users.

Your company might already go to great lengths to keep unauthorised people off your WiFi network. But the chances are you are still vulnerable. Access point and routers make for convenient ways for hackers to find a way in. Couple that with employees regularly connecting their own devices then you already have two vulnerabilities.

Keeping up with the latest WiFi products is recommended. If you are still running the older WEP protection you should look to moving to a new product that uses WPA2. You can set everyone there own Wi-Fi and password. If a device is lost or an employee leaves you can just change that user log-in.

Make sure that access points are not being tampered with. Most come with a reset button that will restore factory settings, removing any security measures you have put in place. Ensure they are physically secure by putting them out of reach or activate locking mechanisms to limit access.

secure the ports of your router

It's very common for businesses to now provide a separate WiFi network for guests to use. It is a recommended best practice to boost your WiFi performance and to increase security. The more people you keep away from your company network the more secure you can keep it. WiFi is essential to most businesses so you need to make sure your WiFi network is secure.

5 ways to secure your business WiFi network

We have put together five simple steps you can use to start securing your business WiFi network. It won't be hackproof but it's a great start.

Put your router in a secure location

As I mentioned earlier you can get around even the most sophisticated security just by hitting the reset button on a router. Make sure your router is in a secure location that has restricted access. Some routers come with the option of locking down the reset button as well as the ports.

Don't use the default router login information

This is a basic suggestion but one that is often overlooked. Set a high difficultly password and consider changing it frequently. It's also a good idea to change the default username, that usually starts as "admin".

A good password is at least 15 characters long and uses a mix of numbers, letters and special characters.

Change your wifi network name

Often the default network name is the name of the router, eg "Netgear360". We recommend changing the network name so hackers don't have an easy way to find out what type of router you have.

Install new updates straight away

Regular updates might be annoying but they are critical to security. Regularly check for firmware updates for your router. The updates often contain fixes to specific security issues that have been highlighted by hackers. The same goes for any software you use for network security.

Disable WPS

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup, and it is designed to pair a device at the press of a button. Great for convenience but it makes it easy for anyone with physical access to your router to connect to your network. Even if you have put your router in a secure location we still recommend turning off the WPS function.


Securing your WiFi is another step in protecting your business from cyberattacks and potential data breaches. The 5 steps are a good start but there is always more you can do.

For more information on how you can better secure your business from cyberattacks and data breaches contact us here, email or call 01634 52 52 52.

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