4 Important Privacy Trends to Know About in 2021

by Robert Best on March 31, 2021
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4 Important Privacy Trends to Know About in 2021

Business is becoming more reliant on personal data. With that reliance comes the challenge of securing that data. Customer demand for data privacy coupled with the continued rise in cyber attacks leading to data breaches is creating risks for a business.

Staying up to date with privacy trends is becoming more important than ever. Your business needs to stay focused on the privacy of your data and your customer's data.

Here are four important data privacy trends to look for this year.

Brexit will cause headaches

It has taken a global pandemic to knock Brexit from the front pages but its impact on UK businesses is still going to be huge. 

Brexit is the biggest immediate issue for UK organisations, and the need to understand the relevance of the UK GDPR the localised version of the EU GDPR.

References to the EU scope have been updated and changed to the UK. Sections that relate to the actions of the EDPB (European Data Protection Board) have been removed because its decisions are no longer applicable in the UK.

Businesses operating in the UK and the EU are subject to both regulations and must keep an eye on the differences in the way they are interpreted and how that affects their compliance requirements.

GDPR will be more consistent

The approach to GDPR in the EU is continuing to mature. While we didn't see much in the way of big decisions in the initial period of the regulation that is starting to change.

In the past 12 months, there has been a growing number of decisions on a wide range of issues. In some cases, the fines were not significant, but in others the penalties handed out were large.

Authorities are now paying greater attention to the requirements of the GDPR and not just relating to data breaches but also violations of its data protection requirements.

That focus on data protection is important for businesses. Although the ICO (the UK authority) has no obligation to copy the EU there can be no doubt they looking to see what the EU is doing.

Cookie laws will come under greater scrutiny

You might have noticed you're seeing permission to use cookies on a lot more websites now. That's another sign of the growing importance of personal data.

Current regulations require cookies whenever a business provide a service into the EU, so we’ll see more websites displaying banners asking visitors to accept and review their cookie practices.

Likewise, people will increasingly review these practices to see whether the company are getting legitimate consent and therefore meeting their regulatory requirements.

Public awareness towards privacy rights will continue to grow

This year, we will see growing public awareness of privacy rights. This will include not only worrying about how their own data is being handled but reading about data breaches.

All of this information is helping consumers become more aware of their rights. The collection by major private and public-sector companies of location and health-related data will also drive employee and consumer awareness of data privacy.

The fact that employers must have a lawful reason for processing personal data means that even on the simple interface of employee-employer relationships, there is a growing awareness of individuals’ rights concerning data.

There is also an increased focus on decisions surrounding DSARs (data subject access requests), and the role they play in taking forward an employment law case.

Over the next year or two, DSARs will likely become a standard preliminary step in any employment-related legal action.


Data privacy is one of the biggest challenges your business will face this year. Public interest has never been greater and now the authorities enforcing acts like the GDPR are starting to get tougher. 

The demands on protecting your data have never been greater. The best way to secure your data is to get help from an IT Security provider. We've been helping companies protect their data for over 20 years.

To find out how we can help you with data protection and privacy contact us here, email hello@infotech.co.uk or call us on 01634 52 52 52.

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