How to Maintain a Positive Mindset During Covid-19

by Robert Best on April 14, 2020
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Right now we are have had some choices taken away from us. Because of the continued spread of COVID-19 Governments across the world have taken unprecedented steps to protect the population.

One choice we still have though is how we tackle this outbreak from a mental standpoint.

Maintaining a positive mindset

This diagram shows us three mental zones we can choose to inhabit during this time.

Fear Zone

It's perfectly understandable that people would spend time in this zone. Concern for ourselves and our loved ones is only natural. However, the fear mindset and the activities the diagram associate with it are not productive.

You won't find this mindset productivity for yourself or anyone you are working with. You should aim to push out of the fear zone.

Learning Zone

After the fear zone is the learning zone. This is the start of becoming more productive and more understanding. You start to understand your own emotions and start to take more positive actions. The is more acceptance of the situation you are in and you stop spending time worrying about things outside of your control.

Moving into the learning zone is a positive step and will help you become more productive and your behaviour will become more sociable but the aim is to move through this zone into the last zone.

Growth Zone

The aim of this image is to make it to the growth zone. Not only will you find yourself more productive in the growth zone but you will also make more of a positive impact on others. In the current situation the world finds itself in would you not agree that the behaviours in the last zone are the type of behaviours we all need right now?

There is no clever trick to get you through these zones and into the growth zone. Instead, it is a choice of yours to make progress through the zones.

We are all living through an unprecedented time and despite the social distancing advice, we must follow it is still a fantastic opportunity for us a society to come together. We can only achieve that by operating in the growth zone.

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