How to Increase Business Productivity (6 ways technology can help)

by Robert Best on August 2, 2019
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increase business productivity

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase productivity. Increasing productivity means achieving more without increasing the time or cost. Of course, we all want that.

So, how can you increase business productivity?

Technology is a valuable asset for increasing productivity. New applications or new technology can save your business time and reduce costs.

We have picked six top ways that technology can increase business productivity.


Automation is a trend that has blown up in recent years. That is good news for your business because you can automate so many of your business activities. We've picked out three areas where automation can make a big difference to your productivity.

Data backup

We can not stress enough how important it is to backup your data (we have many articles on that subject alone). There are plenty of reasons why a business doesn't back up its data but keep forgetting or lack of time are bad excuses.

An automatic backup to a cloud server will take away the need for human intervention. Once you have set it up, it will automatically backup your files and documents. If you are not backing up your data, this is an excellent way to get started.

For any business, we would recommend leaving data backup in the hands of an expert. Your data is just too crucial for it not to be backed up correctly. For help with data backup contact us here or call 01634 52 52 52.

Customer service

customer service

Customer service is another essential aspect of a business, but it can be time-consuming. Technology can help in a couple of ways. Chatbots are becoming frequent additions to most websites. They can deal with initial customer service queries. They can either solve the issues, point the customer in the right direction for answers, or highlight the need for human involvement.

Chatbots are now going beyond simply answer FAQs. It is now possible to order products, make reservations and give tech support (to name but a few options).

The other way technology can help is knowledge base software. Customers are increasingly looking for ways to serve themselves. A knowledge base (think a very in-depth FAQ) gives customers access to the information they need to solve their queries.


Another important business function and another one that can be automated. Automation can handle marketing campaigns for you, just set them up and let the automation take over.

Automation allows you to save time running marketing campaigns, which you can then put towards other marketing activities. There is software available to automate most of your digital marketing. Email campaigns, social media, even paid advertising campaigns can all be automated.

Telephones/Unified Communications


You might be surprised to know how much of an effect telephones can have on your business productivity. New features can allow you to integrate contact databases or even tools like Skype for business. This can help streamline your customer service further still.

The right telephony solution will also improve your ability to remote work. Calls can be directed straight from the office to mobile workers. With a VoIP solution, branch offices can easily be connected, and you can make free calls between them. In fact, VoIP can make significant savings on all your calls.

The Cloud

Using the Cloud can increase productivity in countless ways. Storing documents in the Cloud means they can be worked on at the same time by multiple people. Most Cloud solutions will have auto-save for their documents. Meaning you no longer have to worry about losing unsaved work if your PC stops working.

The Cloud is great for sharing files as well. Documents that are too big to email can easily be accessed by putting them in the Cloud. The Cloud is great for remote working as well. You can access files and applications from anywhere at any time. Just make sure your business WiFi is good enough to handle the extra traffic.

CRM systems

customer service relations

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is important for building and maintaining relationships with your customers. A CRM can help you be more productive by finding new ways to deliver more value to existing customers.

CRMs allow a business to tailor offerings to individual customers based on the information they have on them. This reduces the time it takes to manage your existing customers, while still offering lots of value, is a great way to increase productivity.

CRM's can help with prospecting as well. They allow you to track customer journeys, recording interactions with potential customers. Every time a contact interacts with your business, you will know about it. The information a CRM can give you will help you tweak your marketing campaigns.

Project management software

How many meetings does your business have? For many, meetings can be the bane of the working week. Often meetings are simply catchup meetings to find out how everyone is getting on with a project. Project management software reduces the need for these meetings.

Applications such as Trello or help you plan and track projects. The software will allow everyone access to documents as well as helping you follow timelines for seamless collaboration.

The software makes it much easier to track goal progress and time spent on the project. These software applications are useful for businesses that undertake complex projects with lots of members of staff involved.


Technology has helped businesses become global. Video conferencing makes it possible to have a face to face meeting with someone no matter where they are. This makes it possible to do business with people from all over the world. It can also reduce the time of your sales cycle by reducing the delays between meetings.

Videoconferencing is great for remote workers as well. Often remote workers can feel left out and can find it challenging to interact with others in the business. Videoconferencing allows face to face interaction, which improves collaboration and even camaraderie.


The tools are out there to help your business increase productivity. It's now about finding the best solutions for your business.

InfoTech Solutions can help you with data backup and telephony solutions that can save your business time and money. We can also help you understand how the Cloud can help your business. For more information contact us here, email or call us on 01634 52 52 52.

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