How Slow Computers Are Costing Your Business Money

by Robert Best on November 2, 2016
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A single computer can be the most effective tool across an entire business. However, if it is not looked after correctly, it can quickly become the most annoying. We've all experienced the sheer frustration that comes from working on a slow computer.

We are used to technology working quickly so when we have to deal with slow computers there is going to be a cost to the business.

This article will explain how much a slow computer is costing your business and the unforeseen issues that can cause.

Slow computers are a common problem

Slow computers and slow technology have always been a problem for a business. A recent survey showed that 89 per cent of employees are having their work slowed down by everyday problems with technology in the office.

The problem is so bad that the report states in some companies, almost one-quarter of the employees waste between three and six hours each week because of issues with technology. That includes slow computers.

A second study by The Chelsea Apps Factory showed that as many as 60 per cent of people asked said their IT was stopping them from working correctly. Also, almost half (45 per cent) said their home computer was better than their work computer.

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So as you can see, slow computers are a surprisingly common problem amongst businesses. Often, though, nothing gets done about it because a new computer is seen as unnecessary or too expensive.

The Office of National Statistics estimates the cost of one slow PC to a business is £3,657. Considerably more than the cost of buying a new PC.

Just on that figure alone, a business can make a considerable saving only by updating their PC's. Still, companies are hanging on to these slow computers, and that can cause other issues that have more hidden costs.

Working on slow computers can cause misconceptions about technology within a business. Common complaints about technology include, it complicates everything; what took 10 minutes now takes a lot longer to do now.

The other costs of slow computers

These misconceptions can spread across a business. They can lead to distrust or lack of faith in technology when it's not technology causing the problem. It might be that the wrong type of technology is being used, or it is used in the wrong way. In the case of slow computers, updating the PC will remove the problem and lead to an increase in productivity.

Using the right technology leads to an increase in productivity and revenue. Research shows that the use of cloud-based computing has lead to an increase of 13 per cent in sales per employee. Using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can add as much as 18 per cent to sales per employee over three years.

One more problem slow computers and slow technology can cause is losing staff. The same report mentioned earlier by The Chelsea Apps Factory found that almost half (47 per cent) of people asked would consider moving job because the technology at work is so bad.


While a computer eventually slowing down seems like a problem we have accepted, the upfront and underlying costs of it to a business are significant. For a small outlay, a lot of these problems can be removed and replaced with an increase in productivity.

Next time an employee in your business complains about working on a slow computer consider the actual cost to your business.

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