How Slow Computers Are Costing Your Business Money

by Courtney Nagi on November 2, 2016
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slow computers costing moneyChances are that you’ve been forced to endure slow computers in the past. They test the boundaries of your patience, and they make it extraordinarily difficult to get any substantial work done. Slow computers can have devastating effects on your budget. Can your business afford to use technology that doesn’t work properly?

Oxford Economics and Nimble Storage claim that the most productivity is lost due to the “App-Data Gap,” which they define as “the delay that occurs when someone interacts with a business application and the application’s response time.” In other words, how much time it takes an application to load. The two companies surveyed 3,000 users from companies all over the world on how slow computers affected their workflow, and the results probably won’t surprise you at all.

These users were asked if their technology was holding them back from reaching their maximum potential, and an astounding two-thirds agreed that subpar technology was a major factor for holding them back in the workplace, the figures reached as high as 76 percent.

It was also found that respondents lose, on average, 48 minutes per day from dealing with slow technology. About 10 percent of the workday is lost, which might not seem significant at first, but it adds up over time. One thing is for sure it is costing your business money. ITProPortal suggests that companies lose £5 billion annually thanks to lost worker productivity due to slow technology and thats just in one country. While you might not be able to help them stop wasting time out of habit, you certainly can provide them with technology required to get their work done effectively.

One of the most common reasons why companies deal with slow computers could be rooted in an organization’s IT budget. They just don’t have the time to properly maintain and manage their systems, even when it’s needed to ensure optimal functionality. It’s beneficial to outsource this responsibility to third-party professionals, but you don’t need just any tech support. You need help from someone who’s invested in your business’s success.

InfoTech Solutions knows that your slow technology solutions could be affecting the way that your business functions, and keeping your employees from reaching their maximum potential. However, the pains of slow technology extend beyond lost productivity; it can also frustrate good employees and make it harder for them to feel satisfied with the job they do for your organization.

Additionally, slow computers could mean that there’s something seriously wrong with them. Some online threats could grind your computers to a halt by eating up valuable computing resources, while other technical hiccups could be a sign of incoming hardware failure. You need to respond to these possibilities in force. Otherwise, you risk everything by continuing to run technology that’s not being cared for properly.

Whether or not your in-house team has time for technology maintenance and troubleshooting, we can help. To learn more, reach out to us at 0845 4666 500.

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