Every Way Microsoft Teams Can Help Your Business

by Robert Best on September 2, 2020
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every way microsoft teams can help your business

2020 has changed the way a lot of us work. Nearly half of the UK workforce has been working from home this year. Businesses have suddenly been spread out over the country.

This new way of working can easily dent the productivity of a business. Finding the right solutions for your employees and business will go a long way to restoring that lost productivity.

Microsoft Teams is a productivity tool that has really helped us through the pandemic. So in this post, we are going to show you every way Microsoft Teams can help your business.

Communicate through chat

Using Microsoft Teams lets you communicate easily and keep your team in the know. This is very useful if you have remote workers or are still working from home.

The chat function also works well in the office environment. How long does it take to agree on something back and forth over email? With the Teams chat function that decision can be made during a conversation in no time.

Teams allow you to have private chats for one to one conversations or group conversations with your whole team. Share information openly and transparently and receive instant feedback.

Run engaging and productive meetings

If your business is still working from home or has remote workers Microsoft Teams allows you to communicate easily in online meetings with VoIP and dial-in audio conferencing.

The meetings in Microsoft Teams can also improve in-person meetings. You can collaborate in real-time with screenshare and integrated apps. No more need for endless amounts of print outs of crowding around one screen to see data.

You can also use Teams for external meetings. If you have customers or suppliers spread across the country or all over the world you can still meet with them face to face over HD video calling.

Collaborate better with integrated Office 365 apps

Collaborating as a team in Microsoft Teams means you can access conversations, files, and tools in a team workspace. Encourage true collaboration with co-authored files that the whole team can access. Speed up your projects with instant collaboration and communication instead of relying on slow-moving email chains.

Microsoft Teams allows you to leverage SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI, and Planner integration directly in Teams. You can enjoy the full power of the Microsoft Suite within one app.

Search across people, files, and chats ti instantly find the information you are looking for. You can also keep the whole team updated with email integration allowing you to work, communicate, share and plan all in the same place.

Customise and extend collaboration

The collaboration that Teams offer extends from just the Microsoft bubble. You can integrate third-party services your team uses daily into Teams and build integrations into existing business processes.

Within Teams, you can tailor your workspace to include apps and services your team needs. You can also pin important files for easy reference in the workspace. So while you may be using lots of different applications Teams can bring them all into one easy to manage location.

Work with securely

Microsoft Teams has its own built-in security, compliance, and manageability from Office 365. Storing personal data in Teams will meet GDPR compliance as well as other industry-specific regulations.

You can set up Multi-factor authentication and secure guest access to make sure that only the right people in your business have access to your data. This can all be managed from within a single coherent admin experience.

Be more prepared than ever

Scheduling meetings withing Teams means you can see the availability of all attendees as it syncs with their outlook calendar. Review reports and team status easily with integrated apps and chat logs making you fully prepared in any meeting.

Create agendas in meeting descriptions to set the pace for your team so your meetings stay lean and productive. The in-app collaboration lets you access files in real-time so you can discuss the most up to date information.

Never miss a thing

Microsoft Teams helps you stay on track quickly and easily. You can access important team documents and chat history instantly so you know what stage exactly your projects are at.

Shares notes and other collaboration files openly or privately with your team whilst also tracking progress and updates instantaneously with integrated Office 365 apps. You can record meetings with transcription and save to the cloud for viewing anytime.

How Microsoft teams can help each department


Strategise, share, and collaborate in real-time to coordinate go-to-market activities and deliver campaigns to internal and external stakeholders.


Write and share proposals easily online with team members and key stakeholders. Manage sales planning, training, and sales readiness all in one place. Meet with new prospects or existing customers no matter where they are.


Seamlessly gather and report on financial performance data in one place with integrated apps and sharing features.


Manage resources across your organization for recruitment, training, and reviews with quick access to file sharing and control settings.


Transform IT planning and execution with organized communication channels and the ability to collaborate instantly with teammates.

Project Management

Digitally manage project stakeholders, tools, budgets, project reviews, and feedback. Move quickly between ideation, development, and deployment with integrated developer tools.


There is no question that the rush to remote working has dented the productivity of many businesses. As we work towards finding a new normal and a way of working safely there are solutions that can help your business.

Microsoft Teams has been a great help to us and we are sure it can help your business as well. For more information on how Microsoft Teams can help your business contact us here, email hello@infotech.co.uk or call us on 01634 52 52 52.

find out how microsoft teams can help your business

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