Why Prioritising Your File-Sharing Solution is Vital IT Security

by Robert Best on November 28, 2016
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IT security is essentialYour business relies on swift, unfettered access to sensitive documents on many different mobile devices. The only problem with this is that security eventually becomes a problem, especially where multiple devices are concerned. You need to ask yourself if your file-sharing service and overall IT security is secure enough to protect important files. Most file-sharing programs have their roots in the cloud. The cloud helps organizations collaborate and share documents across multiple devices and operating systems. In essence, administrators can build networks that connect your business’s staff to all of the important applications and information required to perform their daily tasks. Cloud systems are often used to host productivity suites, time-tracking software, or email, yet file sharing remains one of the most popular reasons to use the cloud.

Most cloud solutions also provide applications that are designed for use with collaboration, allowing teams to create and edit documents in real time. Think about business applications like Google’s G-Suite and Microsoft OneDrive for Business. These solutions can sync your files across multiple devices, allowing for quick and efficient deployment to your entire infrastructure. Employees can access the most recent version of any file, which keeps them updated and informed when collaborating on a project.

Thus, the only question that you have to answer is how you’re going to secure your cloud solution. Since you’re storing your files in a cloud environment (i.e. digital storage), you’re always at risk of hackers or other problems which could damage or eliminate your data. While most file-sharing systems are relatively secure, you still have to worry about other issues, like user error and internal threats. After all, user error is the primary cause for data breaches, so you can’t be careless with protecting your infrastructure. This goes for any sensitive credentials, as well; if hackers convince an unknowing user to hand over administrator credentials, it’s all over. Something needs to be done, and you can’t wait until after the fact to do so.

Depending on the cloud solution you want to use, you can have full control over access to user and security permissions for your file sharing system. A public cloud generally has less dynamic security solutions compared to the private cloud. If you choose to invest in the private cloud, it’s recommended that you either outsource the management and maintenance to InfoTech Solutions, or hire an in-house IT department for such a task.

If you have InfoTech Solutions manage and maintain your cloud solution, you’ll have all of the security you could want for a file sharing system. Plus, you’ll have expert technicians monitoring your cloud solution for any discrepancies. To learn more, reach out to us at 0845 4666 500.

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