5 tips on what to look for when choosing your IT Support company

by Courtney Nagi on May 6, 2016
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it support kent small businessDoes your current IT support service meet your needs? Can you call them whenever you have a problem wothout additional charges? If not, or you are looking for a new IT Support provider this article will show you the top 5 things to check.

Just as you’d go through a rigorous recruitment process for any new member of staff in your business to make sure that they were well qualified, experienced in the field and a good fit for your company, your IT support service should be the best possible fit your business. Let's be honest, your IT Systems are critical to your business, without them it is difficult to run effectively and lets not forget the staff costs when they are unproductive due to IT failures. Here are some tips you should think about when choosing a provider:

Tip 1- Experience

It is vitally important that the IT support company you choose is a company with the expertise and experience to deal with the systems that are key to your business. If you primarily use Microsoft products, choose a company which specialises in, and has a history of, repairing Windows machines and operating systems. A good IT company should insist that you change a few items of your infrastructure to conform with their standards. They can't support everything well, they will be specialistr in a few key brands. A company that will happily take on whatever you already have should raise alarm bells with you.

Tip 2- Ask your contacts

Go for an IT specialist who have worked with similar companies to yours and can demonstrate good form in dealing with issues which might arise. If you have a network of business contacts within your industry – be it restaurants or PR agencies – they might be a good place to turn for recommendations. You’ll find that word of mouth can often be the most reliable place to find IT support that fits your business.

Tip 3- Testimonials & Credit

Make sure that before you jump straight into signing up with an IT Support company you look to see if they have good Reviews and Testimonials, it's also good to see what other company's that use your considered supplier think of the company, the service they provide and how well they deal with the issues that accrue.

Most importantly run a credit check on any prospective company. Are they solvent, do they have a decent amount of cash reservers or are they reliant on your monthly cheque just to hit payroll. You are entrusting your company to them, make sure they are positioned to really be there when you need them.

A free credit checking facility is available at companies house.

Tip 4- Look for a familiar face

It’s important that you have a trusting relationship with the people who’ll be providing your IT support. Make sure you don't choose a supplier who offers dedicated site engineers, you want a company that can deal with any issue on request, with engineer's who are interchangeable and not site specific. If you have a dedicated engineer and they are away on holiday or off sick and a problem accrues with your system another engineer may not know about your business and wouldn't be able to assist you as well as a team of interchangeable engineers would. So make sure you go for a company that doesn't have a dedicated engineer and you can get the full support when needed at all times by any engineer. 

Tip 5- Make sure they are their to help 24/7

You don’t want a provider that isn’t there for you to contact 24/7. If you work or own a company that is open and running 7 days a week you want to make sure your IT Support Service is also open throughout all your business hours, the last thing you want if for something to go wrong with your software or computers and you have no one to call for help because you IT support company is closed, and you can’t continue working. So make sure your IT support group is available to you at all times.

Make sure when you are looking for an IT Support Service that they can meet all your needs, answer all your questions and be there to help whenever you need it. Remember I.T is an important part of a business, make sure you're 100% covered.

If you’re current IT support service isn’t cutting the mustard then look no further; here at InfoTech, we offer IT Support on a pay monthly basis, depending on your business size and needs. We offer IT Support in Kent and IT Support in London as well.

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