Does your business need an IT health check in 2020?

by Robert Best on January 17, 2020
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Does your business need an IT health check

How well is your IT performing? How do you go about answering that question, are you relying on gut feel or do you have a way of knowing for sure? Gauging the performance of their IT can be very difficult for a business.

So to help we've put together some questions to help you decide if your business needs an IT health check.

Do you need an IT health check?

If you can't answer yes to all of the following questions you need an IT health check

  • Do you have a backup strategy?

A backup strategy will document your whole data backup process. It should consider these questions. Where is your data backed up, is it kept on-site or backed up in the Cloud, or do you do both? How much of your data is backed up? Do you need to back up all your data? How often is your data backed up?

  • Is your core data backed up to an offsite location?

Backing up your data to an off-site location has numerous benefits such as security, reliability and it will save money.

  • All Windows machines are covered by mainstream Anti-Virus?

It's likely your business has anti-virus software (if you don't getting some should be a priority) but does it cover all devices? We often find when visiting potential clients some devices that are not covered by anti-virus. Also, is the anti-virus software updated regularly?

  • Is your network password policy fit for purpose?

Password policies set by the system are not sufficient enough to mitigate risk to the business. To protect the business against a variety of threats your system must be set to ensure that users are forced to change their passwords regularly.

  • Is your Internet security is fit for purpose?

What sites do your employees have access to at work? It is highly recommended that a policy is implemented to prevent access to obviously unsuitable websites.

  • Do your internet speeds match your business requirements?

Services such as Microsoft Office and CRMs are hosted in the Cloud so internet speed can affect performance.

  • Are all your server systems stable?

Are your servers performing as they should be? Regularly checking the status of your servers will make sure they are operating correctly and have no security concerns.

  • Are all Windows systems managed with Windows Patching?

Windows create regular updates to fix security vulnerabilities. By not installing these updates when they are released it can compromise your business.

So how did your business do? If you can't answer yes to all the questions above your business needs an IT health check.

What is an IT health check?

IT performance can be tricky to gauge. You might not be seeing regular issues with your IT so you will assume that everything is fine. That is rarely the case. It is possible to have severe issues that aren't visible. Would you be aware there are ports open on your firewall? Probably not but it would be a massive security risk.

So an IT health check works much like a car MOT. If you're not a mechanic you probably have no idea on the true state of your car. So every year you're required to get an MOT to make sure it's safe for use on the road. An IT health check does the same thing for your IT, making sure it fits your business needs and has the correct security in place.

At Infotech we offer a free IT health check, called a Discovery Audit. We grade your existing IT infrastructure against industry recommended best practices as well as how well it performs against your business needs.

What benefits do you get?

Benefits - Business Concept. Button on Modern Computer Keyboard. 3D Render.

A full understanding of your IT. We will show you everything that is working well, anything that needs improvement and any immediate security you will need to fix. We also create a strategic roadmap and an execution plan with all the improvements we recommend.

The Discovery Audit includes a business downtime calculator that will show you the cost to your business for each hour of downtime your business experiences. It can also be used to calculate the total cost for a downtime event.

The Discovery Audit is completely free and comes with zero obligation. We won't force anyone to take our services or pressure them to complete the recommendations we present. It is merely a way to understand the true state of your business IT.

Is the Discovery Audit a privacy or security risk?

No. Our Discovery Audit is a non-evasive look at your systems. We never ask for any passwords or access to your key business data. Nothing is installed and we make no changes to your network. We conduct the Discovery Audit with standard auditing tools in front of you. It is simply a way for us to run an unbiased report of your existing IT system.

How to book a Discovery Audit

For more information and booking your Discovery Audit click here.


As a business owner, you have 100 things to worry about. It's understandable that if your IT looks fine on the service you'd think everything was okay. Sadly, IT is not that simple. Even without obvious signs are problems there could be critical issues that will leave your business at risk.

An IT health check is a win-win way of understanding your IT. If everything meets best practices you have the peace of mind of knowing you have no IT concerns. If we do find any issues, you are now aware of them and you can address them. This could help your business increase productivity or remove security concerns that were leaving your business at risk.

To book your discovery audit click here or call us on 01634 525252.

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