Cybersecurity – Why one single provider is better than many

by Robert Best on October 18, 2019
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No matter what your business does it's likely you have one thing in common with most other businesses out there. You want to make the most out of digital technologies.

This behaviour even has a name - digital transformation - and it has developed into a massive driving force of new and emerging technology.

As the level of power, speed and functionally continues to rise and the cost of purchase reduces new technology becomes more accessible to businesses. Unfortunately, this new technology and functionality does come at a cost.

The price of connectivity

Connectivity is a big feature of digital technology. Connecting your business internally and to the outside world is valuable to most companies. But connectivity does have a downside. While you can connect with suppliers, customers and the public you could also be connecting with cybercriminals.

Digitisation raises risk. It will create lots of potential doors for cybercriminals to attempt to get it. If someone does manage to breach your network then connectivity makes it very easy for them to spread across your whole infrastructure. Potentially even into other organisations, you are connected with.

That works both ways. If one of your suppliers has a gap in their security cybercriminals could hack into your systems via that supplier's network.

It is an inescapable fact that all businesses are under constant threat of cyber attack. Every 14 seconds a business will be victim to a ransomware attack and by 2021 it is predicted to be every 11 seconds. 

Your technology and your security might be continually evolving but the techniques and the tools available to cybercriminals is also evolving, and often at a quicker pace.

Cyber confusion

The cyber journey of a business is rarely a straightforward one. Your business will have responded to threats and opportunities as they've arisen and as your company evolves. That's perfectly understandable, few businesses will have the internal resource to plan their cybersecurity beyond the immediate future.

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That could lead to you having to juggle relationships with software developers, technicians, electricians, cloud providers, consultants, and an IT provider. Each will be trying to help you but each has their own ideas and best practices. It is a very common scenario but it's also highly inefficient, expensive and harms your business ability to perform and grow.

Simplifying IT

When you are using multiple suppliers, for example, someone for telephones, someone for printers, another for security, one more for printing, it can drain your resources having to manage them all.

Then there is the problem of consistency. Making sure your internal requirements are met across all these different providers is tricky. Then there is managing all these different providers. That is a lot of time and resource taken out of your business.

Your biggest concern will be cybersecurity though. All these different suppliers will have ideas and practices on how security should look. This might lead to some solutions working against each other or, worse of all, gaps being left in your cybersecurity.

Every business wants the best cybersecurity they can get. That is how high the stakes are. Yet most businesses are handicapping themselves by having different providers offering various part of security. The solution? Have one provider for everything.

Beyond the obvious advantages of having just a single bill and one port of call, there is a big win from a cybersecurity point of view. With one company looking after all your technology they can work directly with your business and make sure the whole of your IT infrastructure is secured.

InfoTech Solutions provides expert cyber advice as well as long term strategic planning and consultation. We have partnered with leading security and backup providers to be able to offer the best solutions. We can help businesses of any size understand the real threats they are facing and help tackle them without impeding business performance and growth. Quite the opposite we can increase performance and enable growth.


Countering the increasing threat of cybercriminals needs an expert partner who is capable of seeing the bigger picture of your business. You need a supplier with the expertise to advise on the risks you face and also be able to detect threats as and when they happen. Of course, you will also need them to be able to defend your business from these cyber threats.

Cybersecurity done right really can be an enabler, and with one single trusted provider helping you understand the risks you face in this digital age, you can make an informed decision and achieve steady business growth.

For more information on cybersecurity for your business call us on 01634 52 52 52, email or contact us here.

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