Businesses Wanting to Grow are Spending More on IT - Says Study

by Robert Best on December 7, 2016
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business wanting to grow spending more on itIt’s clear that one of the best ways you can improve your organisation’s operations is through investing in new IT solutions, but these expenses change from year-to-year. However, as years go by, the amount that your business invests in IT is sure to shift. Though this year saw a minor decrease in IT spending, Gartner predicts that next year will be another huge opportunity to invest in new technology and IT systems.

Specifically, Gartner predicts a 2.9 percent growth rate in IT expenditures during 2017. ComputerWorld reports this growth as part of a global IT spending of $3.49 trillion. Gartner also predicts that spending on devices will increase by 0.4 percent to an astounding $600 billion. Global software spending growth will exceed 7.2 percent to $357 billion, while IT service spending will increase by 4.8 percent to $943 billion.

This growth is attributed to businesses wanting to grow and become authoritative figures in their communities and industries--or so says John-David Lovelock from Gartner. He states, “Leading organisations, as well as those that wish to lead, are spending on IT and nurturing their IT investments as the means to grow their business.”

One of the most noteworthy trends in these growing numbers comes from the fact that organisations are increasing their spending while cutting out unnecessary costs. These figures show that businesses want to eliminate unneeded expenses, but also to reinvest the saved revenue into new, more innovative technology solutions. In other words, organisations are attempting to invest their returns to improve operations, and it’s easier to do so than you would initially think.

In fact, this increase in IT spending can mean that businesses are more willing to invest in enterprise-level solutions that create more flexibility and scalability in the workplace, allowing for more growth. The right technology services have an uncanny knack for decreasing capital expenses and freeing up valuable time and resources for more important endeavours. One way that businesses are doing so is by outsourcing services like help desk support and email hosting to third parties in order to free up work hours and reduce their bottom line.

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