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InfoTech Solutions Announced as Finalists for KEiBA 2019 Award

On Tuesday Kent Online announced the finalists for this year's KEiBA Awards. It is with great pride that we can say we have been selected as a finalist for the Customer Service Award.

New Research Shows 133% Increase in Business Email Hacks

New figures have shown a dramatic increase in business email hacks. The report by Beazley has shown an increase of 133 per cent in what they call 'business email compromises'.

Introducing InfoTech Solutions New Managing Director

It's an exciting week for us at InfoTech. We are delighted to announce that Darren Strong has been appointed the new Managing Director of InfoTech Solutions (UK) Limited.

Everything You Need to Know About the Cost of IT Support For a Small Business

As buyers, we like to know the cost of something before we start to buy it.

Usually, that information is readily available, and we know what that cost means. By understanding that cost, we can make an informed decision.

But for a buyer, it's hard to know what a reasonable cost of IT support should be because there isn't the information available to help you make an informed decision.

The Best Kent Networking Events for Your Business

What is the best way to meet a lot of businesses all at the same time?


Not only do you get to meet all these different businesses you have the opportunity to build a relationship with an actual person.

We are fortunate in the fact that the Kent networking scene is very strong and there are plenty of Kent networking events to choose from. 

Office 365 vs Office 2019 - Which is Best for Your Business?

Businesses have been using Microsoft products for decades. We still rely on Word, Excel and even PowerPoint just as much as we used to years ago.

But in recent years Microsoft has added more products to their office suite. Because of that you now have a choice between the relatively new Microsoft Office 365 and the latest version of the traditional office suite, Microsoft Office 2019.

The Most Effective Types of Social Engineering Attacks (and how to stop them)

Social engineering is now the third most common form of business fraud in the UK.

This cybercrime tactic is becoming more popular because in many cases it is easier to manipulate human behaviour than it is to hack into a system. You don't have to be a sophisticated hacker to be able to get someone to click on a link they shouldn't click.

Windows Server 2008 End of Life is Approaching - Why Office 365 is the Solution

Technology products work in cycles, so as a new product arrives the older version begins to be phased out. That can be hard on a business that is using a product that works perfectly well for them but has to replace it because it has reached end of life.

The Most Exciting Tech and Gadgets Coming in 2019

Every year in the splendour of the Vegas neon lights the latest and greatest tech gets its first airing. CES 2019 is the showcase for the best gadgets and technology you can get your hands on this year.

The Critical Technology Trends Your Business Needs to Know About in 2019

January is the traditional time for looking ahead and making plans for the new year. It is also the time of the year when blog posts proclaim the "key things to know this year" or "what to look out for in 2019" and this year we are no different!

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