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How to Hold an Online Meeting

How do you run a meeting when everyone is working from home? You can hold a conference call but to help stay connected when working remotely we recommend holding an online meeting over video.

Government Annouces Business Support During Coronavirus

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a package of measures to help businesses and organisations. The package will come as a great relief to businesses across the country as they continue to meet the demands of cash flow and supporting their employees.

8 Common Online Threats Your Business Must Know

Your business is at threat from cyber attacks more than it ever has been. The rate of attacks continues to grow along with the different methods of attack. The first step of protecting your business is to understand the threats.

How to Prepare Your Business for Coronavirus

At the start of March 2020, the UK Government stated that up to a fifth of the workforce may be off sick during the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in the UK.

How to Keep Your Business Working During a Pandemic (Checklist)

Are you prepared for your whole business having to work remotely? The coronavirus is just the latest instance of where you could have all your employees working from home or off-site at short notice.

9 Essential Remote Working Security Tips

Photo by Manny Pantoja on Unsplash

70 per cent of people worldwide work remotely at least once per week. It's an ever-growing trend within business and the numbers are expected to continue to rise. In part advances in technology have facilitated the number of remote workers.

Follow These 10 Steps to Cybersecurity

The National Cyber Security Centre has 10 steps to follow for cybersecurity. This guidance was released to help companies protect themselves from cyber attack.

How Much Does Downtime Cost Your Business?

The modern business has an ever-growing reliance on technology. That's because the benefits of technology solutions to a business are just too valuable to ignore. Technology is so entrenched in companies that when that technology stops working the consequences can be very severe.

What is Cyber Essentials and Why Your Business Needs It

The number of cyberattacks on UK businesses continues to grow. As a company do you know what level of security your business needs? The Government has created a scheme that helps your company understand the essential level of security you need in place.

9 Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attack

71 per cent of customers say they would take their business elsewhere after a data breach. Cybersecurity is so important because of these types of consequences. Coupled with the increased threat of cyber attack to UK businesses means your business needs to be protected and prepared for the worst.

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