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Your 10-point long-term remote working to-do list

Remote working look's like it will continue to play a big part in our immediate future. With the PM's latest advisement on working from home, possibly in place for another 6 months, remote working looks like it's here to stay.

6 Signs That Your PC/Laptop is Infected With Malware

350,000 malware versions are identified every day. While your business might have protection in place does that protection cover your staff's PC or laptop?

Every Way Microsoft Teams Can Help Your Business

2020 has changed the way a lot of us work. Nearly half of the UK workforce has been working from home this year. Businesses have suddenly been spread out over the country.

What is the Best Office Phone System For a Business?

Office phone systems are not something most businesses have ever had to think much about. You usually had a choice of landline provider but that was about it.

What to do After You Gain Cyber Essentials Accreditation

At Infotech we are big fans of Cyber Essentials. This is the government-backed scheme to help businesses reach an acceptable level of cybersecurity.

Ultimate Work From Home Security Checklist

At the high point of lockdown, almost half of all UK employees were working from home. Businesses are starting to re-open their premises but there is much more acceptable to the idea of remote working.

Infotech Solutions Become Patron Members of Local Chamber

It is with much excitement and pride that we can announce that Infotech Solutions are the newest members of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce's Patronage Scheme.

What Your Business Needs to Know About Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is expected to cost UK businesses £21 billion in 2020. Despite that staggering amount and the continued rise in cyber attacks many businesses are still not considering cybersecurity a priority.

How to Keep Your Remote Workers Motivated

The current global situation has created a seismic shift within the workforce, with most companies having no choice but to adapt to a work from home setup to keep their employees safe and the company going.

How to Document Your Information Security Policy

Covid-19 and the recent lockdown have dramatically changed the way we work. Most businesses would have had their staff working remotely or had to furlough them. It's likely your business looks remarkably different then it did at the start of 2020.

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