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3 Ways Managed IT Services Will Improve Your Business

When you take your broken-down technology to a break-fix IT technician, they’ll usually fix the problem, but you’ll be stuck with a hefty, per-hour rate that could easily ruin your IT budget. Unfortunately, small and medium-sized businesses often have little choice in the matter, as they can’t afford in-house technicians. Thankfully, there’s a third option for your IT solutions, and it’s called managed IT services.

5 IT Security Steps Every Business Can Take to Avoid Ransomware

Ransomware is a dangerous online entity that continues to cause problems for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to its ability to encrypt workstations and even entire networks, ransomware has made its way to the top of the threat food chain, and it’s your responsibility to protect your business from it by having adequate IT Security or Disaster Recovery solutions in place. Since infections are (more or less) impossible to remove, your best option is to prevent infections from happening in the first place.

Your Remote Workers Can Do More With a Mobile VoIP Solution

One of the primary concerns for organizations that have remote workers is the need to control and centralize communication solutions. While this isn’t a problem for a worker that’s in the office and hooked up to the company phone system, the remote worker doesn’t have this luxury. So, how can employees who work out of the office some or all of the time keep up with the rest of your workforce?

Stop These 3 Misconceptions Scaring You Off Managed IT Services

Drastically Improve Your Business IT Security

If your business doesn’t have an internal IT department, chances are that this deficit is a major pain point. Even if you do have internal IT, relying on them to handle the implementation of new solutions, as well as the maintenance of existing systems, is troublesome and difficult. When your team is overloaded, their work performance may suffer, and issues can slip through the cracks. This will effect your business IT security in a major way.

Help Desk Support is an Ideal Solution for Businesses on a Budget

Imagine, for a moment, that your team is working diligently toward a goal, and even the slightest disruption could derail productivity. What happens when your team experiences software hiccups or a hardware problem that they don’t know how to resolve? Unless you have an in-house IT department, or reliable experts available at all times, you might be out of luck.

Are You Prepared to Share a Network With 21 Billion Devices?

The technology research firm Gartner reports that there will be approximately 21 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. These devices range from completely benign to essential and everywhere in between. As a result, it would behoove you to know exactly how this computing trend is going to affect your business today, and into the future.

Why it’s Smart to Have an Extra PC on Hand

All businesses must be prepared to deal with any unforeseen circumstances that could disrupt operations and derail their goals. One often unforeseen method for doing this is keeping an extra workstation on-hand, just in case a worker needs to use it. By doing so, you can prevent downtime and improve the way your business handles maintenance.

Those Cute Little Emojis May Be Putting Your Data at Risk

As the world of technology grows increasingly mobile, emojis are appearing in the most unlikely of places, like business communications. Even though emojis may seem rather cute and innocent, their use by employees may cause more problems than they’re worth. :-O

The All-Wireless Office is Finally Within Reach!

Once you’ve experienced the freedom of using a wireless device, it’s hard to go back to being tied down to your desk. How nice would it be to have your office be completely wireless? In years past, this was a dream or something out of science fiction. Now, however, the all-wireless office is quite possible.

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