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Are Kent Businesses Taking IT Security Seriously?

Many Kent businesses take IT Security for granted and assume their computer systems are secure with basic Anti-Virus, Operating System settings and security permissions. However, the chances are your system and your data may still be vulnerable.

Rockin’ Around with Managed IT

Rockin’ Around with Managed IT - InfoTech Solutions Blog | InfoTech Solutions (UK) Limited

An IT parody song to the tune of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Lookin’ around in my PC
Cause the hard drive’s seemed to stop,
Dust bunnies hung where you can see,
Should I use a break-fix shop?

Lookin’ around in my PC
Typin’ questions into BING,
Looks like all my files are erased,
It just makes me want to scream!

Who Provides IT Support to the Death Star?

IT professionals all over the galaxy have a fondness in their hearts for Star Wars, primarily because of all the cool technology involved; and the coolest tech by far is the Death Star!

New Mobile Malware Spreads via Twitter and Takes Over Your Phone

There are countless threats out there that can mean danger for your business, but one of the most innovative to date utilizes a malicious Twitter account to administer commands to a botnet made up of infected Android devices. In fact, this is widely considered the first threat to actively use a social network in this manner, making it a wake-up call for security professionals and social media users alike.

Beyond Data Backup: Why You Need Disaster Recovery

The search for the perfect way to handle a data loss disaster has led many businesses to implement data backup and disaster recovery solutions, but the most challenging part of doing so is finding a solution that can minimize data loss and recovery time. Furthermore, there’s a specific need to understand the difference between data backup and disaster recovery, as the two are certainly not the same thing.

Google Rewards Hackers Handsomely for Exposing Flaws

Google has implemented a project to encourage assistance in collecting potential vulnerabilities for its Nexus line of mobile devices, with some considerable prizes associated with it.

When Innovation Goes Wrong, Your Business Growth Suffers

Technology, like it or not, is critical to the success of any business. However, the constant growth and trends of technology can be alarming, and make it difficult to plan for the future. Innovation has always been an important player in business technology, but more often than not, the IT budget doesn’t have the flexibility to evolve with the times. In this situation, what can you do?

Pay Attention to What USB Devices Connect to Your Network

USB technology is common in the workplace, and we bet that you’d have a hard time finding an office that doesn’t use it to some extent. However, if you’re not careful, these devices could become open gateways for threats to infiltrate your network, putting your entire data infrastructure at risk. This makes it exceedingly important to know where your USB devices have been, and what they might contain.

Prioritize on End-Users for a Successful IT Strategy

Technology grows at an incredible rate, and businesses need to take advantage of new features to get ahead of their competition. But is simply adopting new technology enough to get ahead? After all, new technology solutions mean nothing if your end-users don’t know how to use them.

7 Guidelines to Make Sure Your IT is Ready for Your Next Trip

For the busy business owner, getting work done while traveling is a way of life. Unfortunately, working on the go can be a disaster if you don’t properly prep your technology. Here are seven guidelines to make sure your technology is ready for your big trip.

Be sure to add these suggestions to your pre-trip checklist.

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