Are Your Employees Your Biggest Cyber Security Threat?

by Robert Best on February 22, 2017
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employees are your biggest cyber security threatCyber security has become a global issue in the last few years. As organisations start looking at how they can protect themselves from outside attacks are they missing the biggest threat? Believe it or not but your staff has become your biggest cyber security threat.

Last Novemeber London was host to a round table debate created by cyber security firm Balabit. One of the biggest takeaways was that employees can be a businesses biggest cyber security risk.

Now before you set about sacking every member of staff it's worth noting that they are most likely unaware they are putting their company at risk. Bob Tarzney analyst and director at Quocirca told the round table "anybody can do something stupid" making them an accidental threat.

Dr Lee Hadlington is the senior lecturer in Cognitive Psychology & Chartered Psychologist at De Montfort University. He added to the debate by saying "Accidents are accidents and they do happen. They are also the most difficult to trap because they happen randomly".

This means that your businesses biggest cyber security win could be educating your staff about best practices and behaviours which can protect your organisation from attacks.

Bill Carey, vice president of Marketing for RoboForm says "Train employees on cyber security best practices and offer ongoing support." Educating your staff is the primary goal "Some employees may not know how to protect themselves online, which can put your business data at risk," he explains.

A business can't succeed without any staff (although it might be tempting to try!) So they will need to find a way to educate their staff. Introducing actions and polices like these ones would help enormously.

  • Computer use policy
  • Security awareness briefings
  • Minimise system access where possible
  • Investigate security incidents
  • Conduct annual (or quarterly) audits

Cyber security has rightly become a hot topic recently. Yes, you will want to look at ways to block outside attacks but also remember that your staff can be key in making your business secure. 

To help you get started we have created a simple IT security risk assessment checklist to help you understand how secure your business is. 

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