Are Kent Businesses Taking IT Security Seriously?

by Courtney Nagi on January 10, 2017
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it security kent businessMany Kent businesses take IT Security for granted and assume their computer systems are secure with basic Anti-Virus, Operating System settings and security permissions. However, the chances are your system and your data may still be vulnerable.

Anti Virus

Anti Virus products are essential in order to keep your computer systems secure from the millions of viruses, malware and adware being targeted at computer systems. There are many types of viruses that can be used to steal your personal data, prevent you from accessing your data or even to cause un-wanted advertisements of products and services.

Anti Virus products can be a hassle to choose, and finding a product that meets the requirements of your security needs can be a nightmare; especially with the hundreds of software options available.

Are you a Kent business worried about IT security? Contact a Kent IT Support company for information regarding the best Anti Virus products available for you.

Security Permissions

Many computer systems are left vulnerable to attackers due to security permissions on your system being ignored or left as default. By doing so, you may be opening your system up to allow non-administrative users and programs access to areas of a system that should have restrictive access.

Having a Managed IT Support company can take the pressure and weight of security out of your hands, providing your business with the best solutions to ensure your computer systems are secure.

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