America’s Number One Kid’s Coding Franchise Lands in the UK

by Robert Best on September 20, 2019
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‘Kids have fun, parents see results’ that is the battle cry of Code Ninjas. They have already taken the US and Canada by storm and now Code Ninjas are hitting the UK.

Founded in 2016 by David Graham Code Ninjas teaches kids to code in a fun and engaging environment.

David had already realised from a previous venture there was a growing, and untapped, demand for teaching children how to code.

The idea is proving extremely popular. In less than 3 years there are now over 150 Code Ninjas centres open in the US with close to 100 more openings planned before the end of the year. There is also an expansion already planned into Canada.

Coding with a twist

With a name like Code Ninjas, you can guess they like to do things differently. The centres are called Dojos and the teachers are known as Code Senseis (David was originally inspired by watching his son's taekwondo lesson).

The students work through levels designated by colour wristbands keeping with the martial arts motif. Each level is a self-paced curriculum and the kids work through it during weekly visits to the Code Ninja Dojos in their area.

“Code Ninjas is all about the experience, that’s what makes us different. You can’t distil what we do down to the curriculum, it’s so much more than that. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s a place to make friends and have a good time,” David says.

“Kids are motivated to learn when they’re enjoying themselves and there’s the opportunity to ‘earn’ their next badge of honour. The Dojo is a parent-free zone, meaning students can communicate independently with their Sensei and peers. I’ve seen, first hand, how coding education improves lives. Every child should have the opportunity to learn code, and have a great time doing it.”


Coming to the UK

With Code Ninjas proving so popular it is no surprise that it is now coming across the water to the UK. Four entrepreneurs from London are launching the UK's first-ever Code Ninjas centre.

Four entrepreneurs from Greater London will launch the inaugural UK-based Code Ninjas coding centre.

The new UK Dojo will be known as the Pinner and Harrow centre and will be run by friends Prasad Prabhakaran, Srinivasa Rao, Sridhar Bhat and Sharath Iyer. The four collogues will operate and run the business together combing their experience spread across technology, finance and education.

“As a team, our skills are complementary, and our objectives are the same – we want to build a profitable business that will make an impact in our community,” says Prasad, who is a former technology executive.

“Kids coding programmes are in such high demand across the board. In Pinner and Harrow specifically, there is an abundance of business professionals who understand the importance of technology and the benefit of programmes, like Code Ninjas, for their own children.”

Business potential

After attending a discovering day in May the four of them realised the business potential straight away. They moved quickly to become the first Code Ninja franchise in the UK.

David Graham is excited about the possibilities in the UK "we feel like we can probably open somewhere in the region of 300 or 400 units."

Code Ninjas is doing a great job of establishing itself as the leading family coding centre. With plans for further expansion on an international scale and already strong interest from prospects in the UK, it looks like being another great year for Code Ninjas.

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