7 Clear Signs Your Business Needs an IT Support Provider

by Robert Best on February 5, 2020
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7 Clear Signs Your Business Needs an IT Support Provider

Your business is full of technology. That reliance on technology will only continue to grow. Technology is great but it can have a massive impact on your business when things go wrong.

Technology issues will cause cybersecurity worries, compliance issues and impacts on customer service. So you must have a way of avoiding those issues or dealing with them when they occur.

Using an IT support provider is one way of doing that. But how do you know your business needs outsourced IT support?

We have highlighted 7 signposts that your business needs help from an IT support provider.

You're experiencing downtime

The first sign that your in-house IT solution isn't working anymore is how often you experience downtime. The angst of downtime is something your business shouldn't have to be experiencing. Apart from being annoying it is also costing you money and can even go as far as damage your reputation with your customers.

That is a problem you won't have using a good IT support provider. By using proactive monitoring the root causes of downtime are spotted before they happen so your business is kept up and working.

Your IT spend is unpredictable and often too high

Hiring internal IT staff can be very expensive and so can relying on ad-hoc IT as problems occur. It is often the case with in house IT staff that they simply don't ever have the time to stay on top of all the IT issues that can occur in a business. So you will end up with an expensive resource who doesn't have the time to do everything your business needs doing.

Ad-hoc IT fixes lead to fluctuating IT costs that work out more expensive in the long run. Whilst they fix the current issue they are unlikely to do the work needed to solve the problem long-term and to stop it coming back.

By using an IT support provider you will usually pay less than the wage of one IT employee and have a whole IT company available to work on your technology. The advantage over using ad-hoc fixes is the long-term relationship with an IT expert. They will work with you to avoid the need for one-off fixes by making sure those problems don't occur.

Your business wants to use up-to-date technology

Having to rely on outdated software or hardware is a challenge for many businesses. Upgrading to newer, more advanced systems, can greatly aid productivity but it also requires IT expertise.

Working with an IT support provider ensures you can make use of the latest technologies and work on an updated infrastructure, without having to install and manage any of it.

You keep experiencing the same issues

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Most people can find temporary solutions to IT issues on the internet but when those problems continue to return and affect your business the fixes are much harder to find. There is nothing more frustrating than having the same IT problems stop you from working time and time again.

Regardless of how effective your temporary solution maybe they don't work as a cure to the deep-seated problem. It takes an IT expert to be able to find and fix those issues. A good IT support provider has the tools, the knowledge and the experience to find these issues and then fix them for good.

Your staff spend more time on IT than their work

If you don't have IT expertise within your business IT can just kill the time of your staff. You pay them to do their jobs and not have their time wasted by having to fix the latest technology problem.

Outsourcing IT support takes away the stress of having to deal with your business IT. You free up time and resource within the business and you have experts looking after your IT.

You waste too much time on the phone with technology vendors

When you have different companies looking after your telephones, your internet, your printers, and the rest of your technology you can spend an awful lot of time on the phone. By having a single company looking after all your technology you only have to make one call whatever your issue.

If you have long term relationships you are happy with then you can still use an IT support provider and they will spend the time on the phone dealing with your different suppliers.

You have problems you aren't even aware of

How can you spot this sign? Well, the problem is you might never spot it until it leads to a disaster with your technology. You don't know, what you don't know so if you're not an IT expert (and why should you have to be to run a business) then how are you supposed to know all the problems that can be happening behind the signs.

It is for preciously that reason that we have come up with our Discovery Audit. This free audit is designed to give you an unbiased overview of your IT. We will review your business technology and show you what is working well, what is a cause for concern and what needs fixing straight away.

Your whole IT infrastructure will be compared against best in class standards for a business and you will get a full report, in human language, not tech-speak, that shows you the state of your IT.


If you don't have IT expertise in-house then it is almost impossible to have a full understanding of how well your IT is doing.

That is why we have created a free Discovery Audit. It is to help businesses that don't have IT expertise to understand how their IT is performing. Only then can you start to see the improvements that are possible that will help your business become even more productive.

To book a Discovery Audit for your business or for more information click here, email hello@infotech.co.uk or call us on 01634 52 52 52.

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