7 Advantages of Cloud Computing for Your Business

by Robert Best on August 30, 2017
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Cloud computing has had an historically positive effect on business technology. Since it exploded onto the scene the business world has been captivated by the Cloud. 63% of UK businesses are planning to move their entire IT estate to the cloud soon per the Cloud Industry Forum.

Still a third of businesses are still not taking advantage of the cloud.

If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell them that, simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business.” Marc Benioff, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Salesforce, from Nerido.

The Cloud is cost effective because it offers better tech at lower prices. That tech makes your business more agile and more secure. Cloud services were promoted as a means for small and medium-sized businesses to access the same technology as big business.

Now it has evolved into a more standard way of running a business infrastructure for small to enterprise sized businesses.

Here are 7 advantages Cloud computing can give your business


The Cloud makes a business more flexible and more agile. Staff can work from any location as documents can be stored in the Cloud and accessed securely from any location. This can make collaboration with global brands much easier.

A business using the Cloud can scale up operations a lot quicker. New users can be accommodated easily and quickly. Is your business growing and needs more data? You can easily adapt compared to non-Cloud based infrastructures.

Disaster recovery

Think of all the disasters that can shut down your office. Flood, fire, theft and technology outage. Snow and Ice cause havoc when they hit the UK. They can all stop your business or your staff from being productive.

Using the Cloud for disaster recovery means if your office can’t be used your business can still operate.

The rise in cyber attacks means protecting data has become even more important. Storing data in the Cloud means you can still access it if your computers are hit by an attack.

Cost benefits

Often a business will find spending less on technology decreases performance. That is not the case when using Cloud technology. It eliminates the expenditure associated with IT maintenance and upgrades, as these are costs that your Cloud Service Provider will incur.

It also removes the need for highly-specialist staff to keep your infrastructure running, as again these are costs that your IT partner will shoulder.

Businesses can save money on their infrastructure because of the flexibility they can gain.

Increase staff collaboration

Staff and business productivity can see a big increase. No longer will colleagues need to wait for each other to stop working on the same file. It can be accessed from any location and updated in real time.

Your business can become more global by being able to work with other businesses across the planet. This kind of collaboration can make your business more attractive to work with. Staff morale is improved by offering a quicker way of working.

Work from multiple locations

This offers a business lots of flexibility. Staff hires are no longer restricted by geography. According to Flexjobs 82% of employees say they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible work options.

Money can be saved on offices or property costs because the Cloud lets you work from anywhere. Your business no longer needs to be restricted to small target markets just because of where it is based.

Improved security

cloud security

By choosing the right cloud provider you can improve the security of your business data. Traditional data centres will still be susceptible to human error. That is greatly reduced with a Cloud data storage option.

Make sure you scrutinise the security offering you are offered by your provider but the Cloud has security advantages traditional security infrastructures can’t match. The added value they offer disaster recovery and business continuity makes the proposition even more attractive.

Competitive edge

Saving the best for last? It could well be the case. The Cloud allows small businesses to work with enterprise business sized applications. This can give a business a serious edge over the competition.

In fact, the previous 6 advantages are all going to give a business an edge over any non-Cloud based competitor.

The Cloud has significant benefits for any business but it can be even more effective for a small business.

The Cloud is continuing to grow in popularity. It allows smaller businesses to build and grow in ways that weren’t previously possible.

Imagine how your business could grow with all the advantages that come with Cloud computing.

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