5 IT Security Steps Every Business Can Take to Avoid Ransomware

by Courtney Nagi on October 13, 2016
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it securityRansomware is a dangerous online entity that continues to cause problems for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to its ability to encrypt workstations and even entire networks, ransomware has made its way to the top of the threat food chain, and it’s your responsibility to protect your business from it by having adequate IT Security or Disaster Recovery solutions in place. Since infections are (more or less) impossible to remove, your best option is to prevent infections from happening in the first place.

Here are five of the best practices you need to keep in mind to protect your business from ransomware.

Have a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution
If your business is struck with ransomware, the only reliable way to resolve the problem is to restore a data backup. The reasoning is simple; while you could pay for the decryption key, you would only be further funding their ransomware campaigns, and there’s no guarantee that the decryption key will work in the first place. You’re better off not taking the risk and just restoring a backup… assuming you have one.

Set a Routine for Scheduled Backups
You’ll want your backup and disaster recovery solution to be able to restore your data as close as possible to the point of incident. InfoTech Solutions has a BDR solution available that can create backups of your data as often as every fifteen minutes. This is crucial if you want to ensure that your data recovery process is sound.

Educate Your Employees About Phishing Scams
Keeping your team in-the-know of how to avoid phishing scams and identify threats is a good step to take for any and all security risks. Teach them not to download unsolicited attachments or click on suspicious links. It also helps to remind them to look for signs of phony email domains, spelling errors, and other irregularities.

Regularly Update Your Software Solutions
The latest patches and security updates can go a long way toward keeping your organization from experiencing hacking attacks. As such, ransomware works the same way. Keep comprehensive security solutions on-hand that can keep phishing attacks from hitting your email inbox in the first place.

Keep Corporate Data Separate From Personal Data
If you have corporate data that’s stored on your in-house workstations, you’ll want to keep it separate from data that’s stored on employee mobile devices. If you use laptops or smartphones to work remotely, this can be challenging. You should stress that employees keep these two types of information as separate as possible. One way to do this is by storing corporate data in a cloud environment, so that employees don’t have to store it on their mobile devices at all.

The best way to guarantee your business’s assets aren’t being put at risk is to keep ransomware from happening in the first place. Take the time to reinforce your infrastructure and educate your team, and you might be surprised by the results. To learn more about how to do this, reach out to us at 0845 4666 500.

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