5 Biggest Technology Problems for a Small Business

by Robert Best on December 6, 2017
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Technology moves at a fast pace. It's vital for businesses to innovate or they risk being left behind. Technology is important to all modern businesses now but things can go wrong.

Over time, technology can become outdated and even redundant. Cyber crime continues to rise year on year and it's becoming a threat to all businesses. So, yes technology can play a major part in the success of a business but there are issues that can arise that can be dangerous to your company.

Below we tackle 5 of the biggest technology problems a small business will face.

Not enough security

The average company faces at least 8 cyber attacks a year and the number of attacks is predicted to rise next year. Your business needs to make cybersecurity one of its top priorities. A survey conducted by Duo Security in partnership with YouGov shows that 45% of small business owners believe that they will never be targeted by cyber criminals.

That's completely against what the numbers say. Small businesses are at higher risk of cyber crime according to the Government Security Breaches Survey, ¾ of small organisations were threatened by security hacks.

Take the time to create an in-depth cyber security plan. Focus on effective anti-malware software and make sure it is regularly updated. Create a policy around internet usage, bring your own device (BYOD) and who has access to sensitive data. Training your staff will also be a massive win for your business.

Out of date software/hardware

Monitor your technology assets. Technology can quickly become out of date and obsolete. Make sure you know the recommended life cycle for your hardware. It is a good idea to audit your existing hardware at least once a year to identify necessary updates and potential threats to the business.

Not only are there severe security implications from outdated hardware there are also performance issues. In a competitive business world, technology can be a valuable asset. Using modern applications can give you an advantage over your competition but only if they're being used on a modern infrastructure. 

Your networks and systems serve as your silent partner in operations. Should they fail you’re exposed  to a potentially large business problem. This free guide shows you 10 silent IT risks to your business

Hard drives are the most likely point of failure in older hardware since they have moving parts. Hard drive failure can be catastrophic for a business because it will result in data loss. This is when a good backup and disaster recovery plan comes in handy.

No data backup and disaster recovery plan

For small and medium businesses, a loss of data could very well mean the end of the business. An industry study by The Diffusion Group, who surveyed small businesses, said 60% of companies that lose their data close down within six months of the loss.

Backing up your business data is only half of the solution, you will also need to be able to recover that data in the event of something going wrong. Your business should make sure to use a backup solution and have a comprehensive data recovery plan. Test these both regularly. If you're not sure where to start with disaster recovery use this helpful checklist.

If your files are spread around several computers, you need to make sure they’re being backed up. Maybe it’s time to look at storing your files in a central location, like the Cloud for example.

Not making use of the Cloud

63% of UK businesses are planning to move their entire IT estate to the Cloud. The Cloud is cost effective because it offers better tech at lower prices. That technology makes your business more agile and more secure.

It is no surprise that the global cloud market is now estimated to be worth almost £200 billion. Cloud adoption strategies are likely to account for over half of IT outsourcing deals by the end of the decade. 

the cloud

The Cloud can offer a business greater flexibility and make it easier to scale up operations. Businesses should then be able to save money on their infrastructure because of the flexibility they can gain. Find out how Cloud computing can help your business

Lack of IT support

No matter the issues your business is having with technology, they will all be made worse without reliable IT knowledge. Whether that comes from in house or from a trusted IT support company, at some point your business will need help with your technology problems. 

When you have an experienced and skilled IT support company as a partner your business can overcome all the problems listed above. By working with an IT support company, you are in effect hiring a team of certified IT experts and at a fraction of the cost.

Sadly, problems will always occur with technology but the damage they create depends on how you deal with them. If your business is not prepared or under resourced these problems can cause major damage to a business.

IT support can help solve these problems, or even fix them before they ever occur. Technology works wonders for modern businesses but it needs to be looked after or it can go wrong. An IT support company can take away the burden of technology from a business and allow it to be the valuable asset it can be.

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