5 Advantages of a Managed Firewall Service

by Robert Best on December 13, 2017
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A firewall is the first line of defence against cyber attack. Firewalls will identify and stop malicious or suspicious traffic from reaching your network. Firewalls differ from anti-virus software, as they protect the whole network, where anti-virus only protects the device it is installed on.Any business that accesses the internet should have firewall protection. Without a firewall, it's very easy for hackers to access your systems and your data. But a firewall on its own is not enough.  Every firewall will need someone to set it up, monitor it and upgrade it.

This is where Managed Firewall as a service can help a business. Hackers look to exploit vulnerabilities in a network. Not installing updates for your firewall as soon as they arrive is one such vulnerability. With Managed Firewall those updates will be done for your business.

What are the advantages of a managed firewall service?

  • Reduced costs
  • Expertise
  • Staying  up to date
  • Disaster recovery
  • Reporting

Reduced costs

Providing sufficient protection for your business means relying on multiple technologies. This can be costly to manage, maintain and monitor as well as the cost of purchase. With a managed firewall service, there are some significant up-front savings.

A managed firewall service will simplify this approach for your business. There is no need to purchase or maintain the hardware. You'll still benefit from robust firewall technology as well as having it managed and maintained by a team of IT experts. This will make sure your firewall is updated to defend your network against the latest cyber attacks. It will also give you peace of mind that your firewall is always configured.


Hiring qualified IT staff is expensive. By using a managed firewall service, you will have access to a whole team of IT professionals. You get access to their knowledge and experience of setting up and managing firewalls. They will troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may occur.

The management of your IT security is time consuming. Managed firewall takes away that time drain, freeing up your resources. Suddenly security management is enabling your company, not restricting it.  

Staying up to date

Not installing the latest updates and patches for your firewall is putting your business at great risk. New cyber threats are being created so rapidly that updates are continuously being made to security hardware. By not installing these updates your system will become vulnerable.

If you’re too casual about updating your hardware, you’re putting your network in danger. Outsourcing this responsibility to an IT support provider, that uses remote monitoring tools, means updating your systems is no longer your worry. These updates will be done on time and your business will become more secure.

Disaster recovery

No business ever wants to experience downtime but it can be unavoidable. Disaster recovery is the process of getting your IT back online. New cyber security threats are being released daily, threatening your network security with the potential to damage your business.

With a managed firewall service, you have a team of IT experts working to detect new threats to your business. The threat from a misconfigured firewall is all reduced. Its impossible for any business to be protected 100% but you will also benefit from a quick recovery in the event of downtime.


How many threats have there been to your network? It's not likely you'll know the answer and you'll probably be surprised when you find out. By using a managed firewall service, you can get access to detailed reports on the threats your business faces.

These reports can really help you analyse your defences and identify potential weaknesses. They can also give you a better idea of the behaviours of your employees that maybe detracting from your security efforts.

You maybe aware of the many online threats that exist, like viruses, spyware, ransomware, etc. However, knowing is only half the battle. Do you have a security solution in place to detect and eliminate any of these threats that can breach your network?

If you don't, then you can have a third-party service provider monitor your network for threats. With a managed firewall solution, these tasks are done by experience IT professionals addressing the workloads of your systems while looking for inconsistencies or security breaches in real-time.

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