3 IT Problems That No Business Owner Should Have to Deal With

by Courtney Nagi on July 14, 2016
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3 common business it problemsIt’s natural for a business owner to expect great things from their IT network. The problem is that technology is unpredictable, and these expectations can be shattered by faulty hardware, software hiccups, and other pains in the neck. Here are 3 common business IT problems you shouldn't have to deal with anymore.

IT Maintenance

Often times, IT administrators will have goals of improving the performance of their organization’s network and infrastructure, but routine IT maintenance continuously gets in the way. Without external intervention, it becomes difficult to break this endless cycle of maintenance. If your IT department is stretched too thin, their work suffers, fatigue sets in, and morale takes a nosedive.

The Solution
Co-managed IT services from InfoTech Solutions are a great way to relieve undesirable pressure on your IT administrator. We can handle the routine maintenance that keeps them held captive throughout the workday, so they can continue innovating unhindered. We can accomplish all of this remotely and behind the scenes, allowing your staff to stay productive and do their jobs in an efficient manner. Let them be the rockstars you know they can be.

IT Budget
If money is tight within your organization, it can be difficult to implement new solutions. Those in charge of overseeing technology find their tasks practically impossible when there’s just no revenue available in the budget. After all, your technicians have hands-on skills with technology solutions, not managing money.

The Solution
The managed IT approach that InfoTech Solutions practices is designed to help businesses just like yours free up money in their budgets. IT expenses aren’t normally categorized as an operating expense, but thanks to our managed IT services, they can be. This means that your business can save even more money, since you no longer have to qualify your IT maintenance as a capital expense. As a result, your business will have more leeway when it comes to your IT budget, allowing your technicians to more effectively meet your business’s needs.

Security Breaches
A security breach, like a virus infection or any other hacking attack, can stop your IT in its tracks. Security breaches are notorious for happening at the worst possible time, like when you’re in the middle of making progress on a crucial IT initiative. Anyone who has fallen victim to a data breach understands that they can be both dangerous for users and costly for businesses.

The Solution
InfoTech Solutions can provide your business with security solutions that are designed to protect your data from any and all threats. Even if you have an internal IT department, you could benefit from the extra oversight and expertise. With our remote monitoring and maintenance solution, we can keep an eye out for any inconsistencies in your company’s network. This is the easiest way to catch issues like viruses or malware before they become major problems.

If your organization could benefit from extra pairs of eyes and hands on your IT, we can help. To learn more, give us a call at 0845 4666 500.

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