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5 Hidden Technology Risks Putting Your Business in Danger

Technology is great for business. It now plays a major role in most businesses because of it’s ability to save money and increase productivity.

The Technology Changes That Will Increase Productivity and Reduce Cost

Technology is often considered expensive but the cost of running business or website is being reduced by technology. Innovations such as Cloud computing are also increasing the productivity of a business.

The Most Important Cyber Security Tips Your Business Must Follow

Cyber attacks are putting small businesses at risk. Attacks continue to grow each year and small businesses have a bullseye on them.

6 Reasons a Small Business Should Outsource IT Support

Technology has become a big part of any business. So much of our working days are dominated by the use of tech. Businesses of all sizes are becoming reliant on computers and other systems for their day to day running.

7 Advantages of Cloud Computing for Your Business

Cloud computing has had an historically positive effect on business technology. Since it exploded onto the scene the business world has been captivated by the Cloud. 63% of UK businesses are planning to move their entire IT estate to the cloud soon per the Cloud Industry Forum.

How to Deal with a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is a major problem and now it’s becoming a business killer. The Second Annual State of Ransomware Report recently found that 22 percent of small businesses that were hit with ransomware attacks were crippled to the point they had to cease operations immediately.

What Is Business Continuity and Why Has It Become so Important?

One hour of downtime can cost a business up to £17,000. According to business continuity provider Datto that’s the average cost to a business when an employee cannot access business critical data. In 2016 54% of companies experienced downtime lasting more than 8 hours, at £17,000 an hour that’s a cost of £136,000 to a business. That means it’s important to be able to limit downtime, and that is why business continuity has become so important.

How Your Business Can Protect Itself From Ransomware

In 2016 a business was attacked by ransomware every 40 seconds. The same report from cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab also stated that in Q1 of 2017 ransomware attacks have risen by 253%. That is worrisome news for any business but even more so for small to medium businesses that are now being increasingly targeted.

When Juggling Business Responsibilities, You Can't Afford to Drop IT Maintenance

The business world increasingly relies on IT services. Regardless of which industry you fall into, IT will undoubtedly play a major role in how your business functions on a daily basis. Businesses also need their technology to remain in proper working order, but this is easier said than done--especially if you don’t have the luxury of an in-house IT department. Thankfully, managed service providers make this much less difficult.

Your Cheat Sheet For Server Care

Servers are responsible for the distribution and storage of your business’s data infrastructure, as well as the deployment of important applications and data. However, if your business is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of these server units, you’ll be tasked with having the knowledge of how to keep them in optimal shape. I’ll discuss some of the ways you can better take care of your server units, as well as the optimal solution: server hosting.