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Is Your Kent Business Being Let Down by Your IT Structure?

Business in Kent is on the grow. In 2016 the South East had the second largest amount of businesses in the UK, only trailing behind the capital, London.

So, while business continues to grow in Kent there is one area most local businesses are struggling with.

Technology plays a massive part in modern business. An article on says "71 per cent of UK small business owners rely on mobile or web-based applications to run their operations, eliminate administrative tasks and grow their business." Further to that 98% of all small companies use the internet.

Despite such a heavy reliance on technology there are Kent Businesses that don't realise the negative impact a lack of IT Support is having on their business.

A report by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills found that 25% of small businesses do not have basic digital skills. The report also shows a positive link between digital skill levels and turnover growth.  

How can Kent Businesses get the most from their IT?

With a link shown between digital skills and turnover growth its important for Kent Businesses to understand the value of Information Technology. Here are 3 benefits Kent businesses will gain from a Kent IT support company looking after their technology.

Reduce Costs reported that controlling costs and expenses "is the number one pain point for small businesses in the UK." Hiring a certified IT engineer for your business is expensive. With an IT Support service, you can have excess to those same qualified engineers without having to pay those salaries. 

Any form of IT failure will cost your business money. If you can't be productive then you're missing out on money. An IT service provider will fix any faults you develop, whilst also backing up your data and minimising the effect on productivity. They can even improve your current IT setup and turn it in to an actual asset for your business that can help you increase productivity, lower costs and grow your business. 

Even if your business's IT needs are low, working with a managed service provider for your IT Support can be extremely cost-effective. IT support providers offer 24-hour monitoring of all your IT systems for less than a full time IT technicians salary.


Many small businesses are just not equipped to manage the security infrastructures needed when using IT. As this chart shows there is a significant gap between the level of concern and the actual level of protection when it comes to IT security.

IT Security

Securing data is mission critical to any company. It's vital that your technology lets you access it and also keep it secure. If you have a systems failure or problems with your server would you still be able to access your data? Would it be safe? Data is too important not to take the best measures to protect it. Outsourcing IT support will make sure your data is secure, safe and accessible. 

If you handle 3rd party data or need to follow strict regulations on how you handle clients' data, IT support can ensure these regulations are met and your business is compliant.

Cyber attacks and hacking have been in the news a lot lately. Sadly, they can happen to any business so you need to be protected from attack. The best IT support companies will not only protect you from attacks, they will also educate your staff on how to help defend your company.

Become more efficient

Slow technology can really hamper your staff's productivity. Time spent waiting for servers or computers to load or the printer to warm up is wasted time. For a business wasted time means missing out on money. Technology should be helping your staff. A survey by Sharp showed that the average UK office worker wastes at least 21 days each year because of outdated or slow technology. The cost of that to your business alone might pay for professional IT support. 

By upgrading out of date technology or fixing slow computers your company will become more efficient. It might also stop your staff from leaving. In the Sharp report close to 80% said the technology in their workplace is out of date. 14% said an update in technology would stop them from looking for a new job. That means more than 1 in 7 of your employees are looking for a new job because their technology is out of date. 

 it problems

Because of time constraints a lot of businesses can only be reactive with IT problems. IT Support can give you a more proactive approach to tech problems. They can monitor your systems to spot problems before they can become an issue. Instead of continually fixing the same problems IT support can look past the symptoms and find the underlying problem. 

How good is your IT Support?

Do any of these problems seem familiar? Do they occur often? Are they a frustration for your business? Or maybe you haven't had to deal with any of them yet. Chances are you will have too at some point. When that happens are you confident that your current processes will be able to handle them?

Many businesses don't even know that their technology can be more effective, and that's okay because IT is not often a focus when it comes to business goals or targets. That doesn't mean that any business should just accept a low level of performance from their technology. The right approach to IT can greatly improve the performance of a business.

Your business might already have outsourced IT support and that's great but are you getting the best value for money from your IT support company? An easy way to find out is get a free IT audit. We will audit your current IT structure and discover any issues or gaps in your existing IT support. 

Providing IT Support to Kent Businesses

InfoTech Solutions are a Kent IT Support company serving Kent and London since 1998. More than 100 Kent and London businesses put their IT systems in our hands entirely.

Let us help you with your IT needs. We offer a free IT assessment where we audit your current IT setup and highlight potential areas of concern or improvements that can be made.

Technology is becoming so advanced that it can have a massive positive effect on your business. Technology can play a huge role in growing your business, all you need is the right support.